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Canada’s NEW Loonie Assassin - Bullion Bulls Canada

With a gold standard; our currencies were units of value (real money). When we abolished the gold standard, and began borrowing these “fiat” currencies into existence; they were transformed into units of obligation (IOU’s of our governments). Now, with so-called quantitative easing; these scraps of paper are mere “units”. Where’s the value? There isn’t any.

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Chinese Market Suffers Largest One-Day Drop in Eight Years - Nathan McDonald

Is the Chinese stock market becoming unhinged? Is panic setting in? Let's hope not, for as we have seen time and time again, these collapses have a way of becoming self-fulfilling prophecies that feed into themselves and are almost impossible to stop.

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The Plot Thickens in Aftermath of ‘the Greek Crisis’ - Jeff Nielson

For six months Alexis Tsipras staunchly defended the interests of the people of Greece, and refused the suicidal, economic ultimatum of the Troika – despite enormous political/economic pressure, and the constant smears of the Corporate media. Then, at the last minute; he betrayed Greece, completely. Why? As a “secret plot” by Syriza is now revealed, an answer to this question may be emerging with it...

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SM Radio

July 24, 2015

Listen to Eric Sprott share his thoughts on a recent earnings reports, the economy, gold's sudden "mystery" plunge in the paper-market and outstanding demand in the physical market.

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July 17, 2015

Listen to our special guest Rick Rule share his views on silver making a comeback in the near future, the frustrations of Canadian precious metal investors and the reasons why precious metal prices have not risen despite the shaky global economy.

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July 10, 2015

Listen to Eric Sprott shares his views on the economy, Greece's strategy after the recent vote, how gold continues to be suppressed during economic turmoil in many markets, while coins shortages speak to physical demand for precious metal.

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Ask The Expert

Ask The Expert - John Budden

John Budden has over 50 years of diverse, domestic and international investment experience. John is a renowned advocate of holding a portion of one’s portfolio in gold bullion, in an era of competitive devaluations. John has worked all over the world as an investment professional and continues to be one of the most sought after experts in precious metal investment in the North American investment community.

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Ask The Expert - Fred Hickey - June 29, 2015

Available Now! Fred Hickey is the editor of the High Tech Strategist, a newsletter originally devoted to tech stocks, but has broadened its focus to the idea of money printing by governments around the world leading to no good, and sees gold as a good place to secure one’s financial future.

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Ask The Expert – Bob Thompson – May 22, 2015

In this exclusive interview recorded on May 22nd, 2015, Bob Thompson shares his views on the precious metals sector and investments.

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Sprott's Thoughts

Jim Rickards: "Euro Creators Want to Force Common Fiscal Control, Eurobonds"

The Greek crisis is no accident, says Jim Rickards, but is part of a long-running plan to bring Europe under central control.

He’s the author of Currency Wars and The Death of Money, and will be attending the Sprott-Stansberry Vancouver Natural Resource Symposium – which begins this week.

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Eric Sprott: "I Haven't Lost any Conviction" on Gold and Silver

During this interview taped mid-July, 2015, Eric talks about Greece and the EU, the US debt and his conviction on gold and silver.

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The Recovery Is Fake And The Massive Debt Cannot Be Sustained - Eric Sprott

In this July 1st, 2015 interview by X22 Report, Eric Sprott talks about world debt and the economy.

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