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SM Articles

Jim Rickards: "Euro Creators Want to Force Common Fiscal Control, Eurobonds"

By admin 7 days ago 249 Views No comments

The Greek crisis is no accident, says Jim Rickards, but is part of a long-running plan to bring Europe under central control.

He’s the author of Currency Wars and The Death of Money, and will be attending the Sprott-Stansberry Vancouver Natural Resource Symposium – which begins this week.

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Eric Sprott: "I Haven't Lost any Conviction" on Gold and Silver

By admin 7 days ago 118 Views No comments

During this interview taped mid-July, 2015, Eric talks about Greece and the EU, the US debt and his conviction on gold and silver.

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The Recovery Is Fake And The Massive Debt Cannot Be Sustained - Eric Sprott

By admin 1 month ago 844 Views

In this July 1st, 2015 interview by X22 Report, Eric Sprott talks about world debt and the economy.

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Next Financial Calamity Unavoidable - John Embry

By admin 1 month ago 455 Views

One thing that could touch off the next meltdown is the Greek debt crisis. Embry contends, "I think it is extraordinarily serious because there is no palatable solution. Why I say there is no palatable solution is, theoretically, if you loan people money, I think it is incumbent on you to make sure they can pay you back. In this instant, the Europeans put more and more debt on the backs of the Greeks to keep them current.

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Rick Rule: When Interviewing Companies Investors Should Start By Asking—"What’s Your Liquidation Value?"

By Tekoa Da Silva 2 months ago 630 Views No comments

TD: When you think back on the 40 years attending conferences as an investor, are there any anecdotes, any interesting experiences dealing with fellow investor attendees or exhibitors that come to mind?

RR: Well, certainly the most dramatic example I can give you of personal benefit occurred in maybe 1998 or 1999 at an obscure conference in Western Australian called ‘Diggers and Dealers.’ Diggers and Dealers is a very colorful conference. It’s held in a mining town in Western Australia, called Kalgoorlie...

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Rick Rule: I Remember My First Period of Catastrophic Losses

By admin 3 months ago 342 Views

TD: I want to ask you a little bit about your experience being a stock broker, a money manager and what that has meant to you throughout your career. Do you remember your first client?

RR: Well, I’ve had several different incarnations in the finance business which means I’ve had several different first clients. There are certainly 10 or 20 early clients depending on which incarnation that you want to talk about that were very memorable people and interestingly, they share a lot of attributes.

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Where Does the Gold Trade Stand?

By admin 3 months ago 378 Views

We have all read the latest crop of media articles challenging gold’s investment relevance. The typical approach to bearish gold analysis is to attribute hypothetical fears to gold investors, and then point out these concerns have failed to materialize. Sprott believes the investment thesis for gold is a bit more complex than simplistic motivations commonly cited in financial press. We would suggest gold’s relatively methodical advance since the turn of the millennium has had less to do with ...

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Eric Sprott, Rick Rule, and More "Stars" of Mining to Appear at Special Event

By admin 3 months ago 240 Views

The conference, called the Sprott-Stansberry Natural Resource Symposium, will deliver the “Best of the Best” from the resource industry over a four-day event.

Attendees will also hear from widely-followed investing analysts including...

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Frank Trotter: Are Deep-Seated Fears Driving Bond Markets? (Sprott's Thoughts)

By hjulien 5 months ago 118 Views No comments

March 18, 2015

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Dr. Mark Skousen: I’ve Been Fighting a Battle Against these Ideas – the ‘Paradox of Thrift’ is a Myth (Sprott`s Thoughts)

By hjulien 5 months ago 182 Views No comments

arch 10, 2015

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