Embry – Hang On Because The Chaos is Going to Accelerate – King World News

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Article Excerpt:

“To me the biggest one and the longest running manipulation that no one will acknowledge is the gold and silver suppression scheme. This has been carried out to keep interest rates at low levels, and to suggest that the monetary policy being invoked is correct.

To me, the best thing about the LIBOR scandal is more people are going to start waking up to the fact that virtually everything in these markets is fake….

We are to a point where we are dealing with very little on the downside in gold, but thousands of dollars on the upside. This is one of the best buying opportunities in history.

Anybody that thinks they have allocated gold held in a bank, I would strongly suggest they go to that bank and ask for their gold immediately because I don’t believe a lot of it is there. In the end, I think some people who thought they had gold stored in a bank are going to get seriously hurt.”