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Sprott Precious Metals Watch, July 2017 - Trey Reik

By Trey Reik Yesterday 2205 Views No comments

A highlight of 2017 financial markets has certainly been the explosion of interest in cryptocurrencies. We attribute growing interest in digital currencies to a concern shared by many gold investors. In short, resentment is mounting over the financially repressive policies of global central banks.

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July 21, 2017 - Weekly Wrap-Up with Eric Sprott

By Craig Hemke Yesterday 5169 Views No comments

This week, Eric Sprott discusses the how the U.S. political situation and falling dollar might impact the prices of gold and silver.

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How Mises University Became America’s Most Important Economics Program - Peter Diekmeyer

By Peter Diekmeyer Yesterday 2122 Views No comments

Global debts and asset prices are rising, as is economic inequality. Bubbles abound. The Bank for International Settlements is warning of a potential synchronized financial collapse. Capitalism appears set to take the blame. Is that smart?

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Zio-Cons and Banksters: Enslaving Our Lives and Stealing Our Wealth - Rory Hall

By Rory Hall 2 days ago 3029 Views No comments

The theft of our pensions and retirement savings is not only an ongoing situation, the “big one” is on the horizon and seems to be approaching the apex for millions upon millions of people.

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Overnight Paper Attack On Gold: Why This One Was Different - Dave Kranzler

By Dave Kranzler 3 days ago 2934 Views No comments

Once again there was an overnight “flash crash” in Comex gold futures trading.

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Thoughts On Gold - Gary Christenson

By Gary Christenson 3 days ago 2635 Views No comments

The beauty about precious metals, gold in particular, is that the longtime correlation to equities is near zero. And as such, it’s a diversifier.

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Killing the Goose - Jeff Thomas

By Jeff Thomas 3 days ago 2909 Views No comments

In attempting to predict the future of America’s economy, we should not look to peripheral symptoms, but to fundamentals.

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A Specific Peculiarity - Craig Hemke

By Craig Hemke 3 days ago 5977 Views No comments

For years, we've watched JPMorgan stockpile what is alleged to be physical gold and silver in their Comex vaults. However, something has changed over the past four months and we thought we should bring this to your attention today.

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Stockholm Syndrome Gold Report - Keith Weiner

By Keith Weiner 5 days ago 4961 Views No comments

There is a loose analogy between being held hostage and being an investor in a regime of irredeemable paper currency and zero interest rates. In both cases, the victim has little hope of escape and must seek to somehow survive under malevolent conditions.

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This Feels Like the Action in 2008 Right Before the Collapse - Dave Kranzler

By Dave Kranzler 5 days ago 5142 Views No comments

The current trading action in the precious metals paper market feels very similar to trading in the spring/summer of 2008.

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