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What’s Going On With Gold? Dave Kranzler (18/07/2018)

By Dave Kranzler Yesterday 1658 Views No comments

If you want to own gold for the reasons to own gold, you have be play the long game.

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Crude Oil May Not Find Support Above $60 This Time - Chris Vermeulen (18/07/2018)

By Chris Vermeulen Yesterday 700 Views No comments

Crude Oil has been a major play for some traders over the past few months. With price, rotation ranges near $5~$7 and upside pressure driving a price assent from below $45 to nearly $75 peaks. This upside price move has been tremendous.

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India Soaks Up Physical Silver Supply - Craig Hemke (17/07/2018)

By Craig Hemke 2 days ago 16125 Views 1 comment

The price of COMEX Digital Silver is being pounded lower in 2018, demand for actual physical silver in India is soaring.

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Internet entrepreneur shops for a country - Peter Diekmeyer (17/07/2018)

By Peter Diekmeyer 2 days ago 396 Views No comments

Tired of taxes, regulations and cold weather, Ken Evoy moved his Internet start-up offshore. Why is this former doctor so keen on internationalizing his assets?

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A Path to Upgrade from Paper to Gold- Keith Weiner (16/07/2018)

By Keith Weiner 3 days ago 426 Views No comments

A path to upgrade from paper to gold.

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Gold Bears Are Roaring Louder - Avi Gilburt (16/07/2018)

By Avi Gilburt 3 days ago 491 Views No comments

I also believe that gold can outperform the general equity market once we confirm a long-term break out has begun.

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CHINA takes control of GOLD from the COMEX - David Brady, CFA (13/07/2018)

By David Brady, CFA 6 days ago 22900 Views 4 comments

The correlation between Gold and the USD/CNY exchange rate has become clear recently.

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Eric Sprott discusses why there is truth in the "peak gold" theory - Weekly Wrap-Up (July 13,2018)

By Craig Hemke 6 days ago 14101 Views No comments

Hear Eric Sprott discuss global silver demand, the growing US-China trade war and the potential impact on the global economy.

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Crude Oil Possibly Setting Up for a Big Downside move - Chris Vermeulen (11/7/2018)

By Chris Vermeulen 8 days ago 469 Views No comments

Traders need to be aware of this potential move because it could coincide with other news related to foreign markets/economies as well as supply/demand issues throughout the rest of this year.

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China’s Actions Towards ICOs and Bitcoin Fraud -Delton Rhodes (11/07/2018)

By Delton Rhodes 8 days ago 5601 Views No comments

When it comes to cryptocurrency regulations, China is known to be one of the most stringent nations in the world.

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