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Under New Management - Jeff Thomas

By Jeff Thomas Today 46 Views No comments

When a new leader is elected, the best first assumption to make is that his campaign promises probably had little or no relationship to his actual intentions. More likely, his intentions will be to continue to pander to the Deep State and those that helped him to get elected.

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Essential Commodities: Gold, Silver, Popcorn - Rory Hall/Dave Kranzler

By Rory Hall/Dave Kranzler Today 42 Views No comments

The Trump presidency will usher in a period in which Orwell’s prophecies will shift into overdrive. Popular mistrust of anything and everything Government will accelerate and Big Government’s attempt to counter-act this movement will take place in the form of intensified propaganda and a further reduction in civil rights.

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January 20, 2017

By Craig Hemke Today 147 Views

This week, Eric Sprott assesses how the new Trump Administration in the U.S. might affect gold and silver prices in 2017.

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Republicans, Democrats, and Voodoo Economics - Jeff Nielson

By Jeff Nielson Today 224 Views No comments

What do Republicans and Democrats have in common (the politicians and their supporters)? Each side will tell you that only their party has the savvy to competently manage the U.S. economy, and that the other party has never made a correct economic decision in living memory. Each side is half right.

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The US Dollar Strengthens While Its Foundation Continues to Rot - Nathan McDonald

By Nathan McDonald Yesterday 242 Views No comments

One thing that we have unexpectedly seen since Donald Trump became the President-elect (very soon to be President) is a strong US dollar. This comes despite the fact that he has stated he is going to expand infrastructure spending within the United States in a massive way.

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Major Markets at Turning Points - Gary Christenson

By Gary Christenson - The Deviant Investor Yesterday 220 Views No comments

Bonds have risen in a 35 year bull market. That bull market looks tired and probably peaked in July of 2016. The U.S. Dollar Index recently hit 14 year highs. Has the dollar finally peaked? Has it turned downward since January 3, 2017?

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Bill Murphy – Gold & Silver: Why Does the Banking Cabal Go to All this Effort? - The Daily Coin

By Rory Hall - The Daily Coin Yesterday 202 Views

Over the past several months the gold and silver markets have received some much needed attention. The type of attention that sickens the bullion banking cabal and the government enablers around the world.

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Questioning The Generally Accepted Narrative - Craig Hemke

By Craig Hemke 2 days ago 550 Views No comments

One of the primary themes that we've been repeating is that 2017 is going to be a wildly unpredictable year. To that end, today we begin what might be a wildly unpredictable week. Buckle up.

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Global Uprising: The Time is Now - Rory Hall

By Rory Hall 2 days ago 203 Views No comments

Apparently, we, the citizens of the world, aren’t smart enough to determine our own economic future and the global elite have taken it upon themselves to meet annually in order to determine what is in our best interest.

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Bill Holter: Money, Currency, and You - Maurice Jackson

By Maurice Jackson 2 days ago 236 Views No comments

Bill Holter, of jsmineset.com sits down with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable to discuss why owning physical precious metals is paramount not just for investors, but citizens as a whole.

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