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Has Gold finally bottomed?- David Brady (05/07/2018)

By David Brady 18 days ago 12687 Views No comments

Gold hit a double bottom at 1240. It did not close below that on July 2 or December 12.

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Growing Echo Chambers and Proliferating Propaganda Lead to Fears of a Second American Civil War - Nathan McDonald (05/07/2018)

By Nathan McDonald 18 days ago 448 Views No comments

Tensions run high and hatred spews from the mouths of pundits in the MSM, both from the radical left and the far right.

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Blockchain in Government: Making Operations More Efficient - Delton Rhodes (05/07/2018)

By Delton Rhodes 18 days ago 1812 Views No comments

There’s a common perception that technology and governments are competing against one another.

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The Quest For The Next 100- Bagger - Remy Blaire (04/07/2018)

By Remy Blaire 19 days ago 3093 Views No comments

The great debate over stock market valuation continues as equity averages grind higher.

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An Idea Whose Time Has Come - Keith Weiner (04/07/2018)

By Keith Weiner 19 days ago 424 Views No comments

Our monetary system is like the French Monarchy under King Louis XVI.

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Is It Finally Time For COMEX Gold To Rally? - Craig Hemke (03/07/2018)

By Craig Hemke 20 days ago 5657 Views No comments

It has been a painful start to the summer for gold traders and investors, particularly for yours truly.COMEX gold is tremendously "oversold" and due for a rally.

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I expect a crash in the fall of this year.” - David Brady on the future of the stock market - (Weekly Wrap-Up, June 29, 2018)

By Craig Hemke 24 days ago 74761 Views 1 comment

David Brady of Global Pro Traders joins us this week to discuss the precious metals markets and how changes to the US dollar and Chinese yuan impact the gold price.

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Oil Surges in Price as Geopolitical Tensions with Iran Reach New Heights - Nathan McDonald (28/06/2018)

By Nathan McDonald 25 days ago 1377 Views No comments

This is the first time we have seen these prices since 2014. As a result, many wonder if we are going to test old highs, potentially sparking another slowdown in the general economy.

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Don’t Miss This Important Signal! - Peter Degraaf (28/06/2018)

By Peter Degraaf 25 days ago 681 Views No comments

Generally in a Gold Bull Market, the gold producers lead the way, by outperforming gold bullion.

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Gold: The Chinese Connection - David Brady (27/06/2018)

By David Brady 26 days ago 32373 Views No comments

“He who holds the Gold makes the rules.”

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