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As The Yield Curve Flattens - Craig Hemke (27/06/2018)

By Craig Hemke 26 days ago 9135 Views No comments

The U.S. yield curve continues to flatten, with Wednesday seeing new, 11-year low spreads.

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Why Blockchain Asset Tracking Is Not Just for the Super-Rich - Sarah Rothrie (27/06/2018)

By Sarah Rothrie 26 days ago 4288 Views No comments

One of the most fundamental features of blockchain is its ability to store value – essentially, to create a digital asset.

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Gold & Miners to Rally as US Equities Fall On Fear - Chris Vermeulen (27/06/2018)

By Chris Vermeulen 26 days ago 506 Views No comments

The US Equities markets rotated over 1.35% lower on Monday, June 25, after a very eventful weekend full of news and global political concerns.

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The Wealth Effect, Report 24 Jun 2018 - Keith Weiner (25/06/2018)

By Keith Weiner 28 days ago 425 Views No comments

The so called wealth effect is the dirty little secret behind central bank attempts to juice up GDP.

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​Booming Stocks, Booming Home Prices, Booming Risk of Collapse - Nathan McDonald ( 22/06/2018)

By Nathan McDonald 1 month ago 767 Views No comments

Home prices have dramatically increased in price, rising from their 2012 lows by a stunning 75%, with the average median home price now resting at $245,000!

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“Buy More Gold My Friends” - Eric Sprott on Global Demand for Physical Gold (Weekly Wrap- Up ,June 22,2018)

By Craig Hemke 1 month ago 12526 Views 1 comment

Eric Sprott discusses global demand for physical gold, the impending trade wars and the potential impact on the US dollar.

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Canada’s crazy Libertarians want to legalize lemonade stands, baby-walkers and Bitcoin - Peter Diekmeyer (21/06/2018)

By Peter Diekmeyer 1 month ago 8731 Views 3 comments

Maxime Bernier’s near-win of the Conservative Party leadership suggests that Canadians increasingly are tempted by smaller government.

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Global Market Are Shifting Away From US Price Correlation - Chris Vermeulen (21/06/2018)

By Chris Vermeulen 1 month ago 628 Views No comments

The global markets are shifting away from a price correlation to the US Majors and this move could be a warning sign that emerging markets and global markets could lead the world into an extended stagflation cycle.

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Manipulation of Gold & Silver by Bullion Banks - David Brady, CFA (21/06/2018)

By David Brady 1 month ago 42684 Views 3 comments

Since May 24th, Gold has been capped at its 200 day moving average despite being oversold, extreme overbearish per the DSI and Funds positioning being at levels that has consistently led to...

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How To Settle Down Your FOMO In Mining Stocks - Avi Gilburt (20/06/2018)

By Avi Gilburt 1 month ago 435 Views No comments

Back in 2011, when the metals were approaching their highs, most analysts were suggesting that investors keep buying gold as this would be their last opportunity before gold eclipses $2,000, never to look back again.

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