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Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Avocado Toast - Keith Weiner (17/09/2018)

By Keith Weiner 28 days ago 1274 Views No comments

The marginal utility of newly-produced movies is approaching zero, due to falling interest rates.

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“Light at the end of the tunnel.” - Eric Sprott on the week behind us. -Weekly Wrap-Up (September 14, 2018)

By Craig Hemke 1 month ago 22421 Views No comments

Eric Sprott discusses the latest data on the U.S. economy, the trend in the U.S. dollar and a possible floor for precious metal prices.

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When The U.S. Stock Market Crashes, Buy Gold - David Brady (14/09/2018)

By David Brady, CFA 1 month ago 21715 Views 1 comment

The coming crash in the U.S. stock market is the catalyst for the Fed’s reversal in policy, so why do I expect a crash? Read more...

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Something BIG Happened This Past Week In Metals- Avi Gilburt (14/09/2018)

By Avi Gilburt 1 month ago 378 Views No comments

The GDX finally completed the minimal wave structure we would need to see to even begin looking for a potential bottom as being struck.

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​The Custodian of Truth Has Been Corrupted, The Free Market Will Restore Sanity - Nathan McDonald (13/09/2018)

By Nathan McDonald 1 month ago 1725 Views No comments

Big Tech" is beginning its decline, it is beginning to sow the seeds of its own destruction.

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What Is A Bank, and What Is A Commercial? Craig Hemke (12/09/2018)

By Craig Hemke 1 month ago 4610 Views 2 comments

The positions of "Speculators" and "Commercials" within the COMEX gold and silver markets, currently shows relative positions not seen in decades, if ever.

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First India, Now Japan – Gold Smuggling On The Rise - Rory Hall (12/09/2018)

By Niharika Rai 1 month ago 1405 Views No comments

Japan, too, like India has gold smuggling operations and they are on the rise in light of rising taxes.

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Setting Up For The Next Major Silver Bull Market - Steve St. Angelo (11/09/2018)

By Steve St. Angelo for SRSRoccoReport 1 month ago 1674 Views No comments

The situation in the silver market is so much more favorable today than when it was trading at $20 at the peak in 2007.

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Why the Fed Denied the Narrow Bank - Keith Weiner (10/09/2018)

By Keith Weiner 1 month ago 1104 Views No comments

The Narrow Bank would mess up the Fed’s brittle central plan for the economy.

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Crypto Mining Company in NY Gets Creative Amid Soaring Power Rates- Elizabeth Gail (10/09/2018)

By Elizabeth Gail for coincentral.com 1 month ago 5360 Views No comments

DPW Holdings, Inc has announced that it will be utilizing power from the Valatie Falls hydroelectric facility that it acquired in March for its crypto mining ventures.

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