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Are the Experts Buying?

By admin 6 years ago 808 Views No comments

gold_dead_cat_or_bull(To view this exclusive video, please click the image above)

For those of you who had the chance to watch the exclusive event put on by The Street and Casey Research titled "Gold: Dead Cat or Raging Bull" you know that this was a must watch event. Six guru's of the industry spoke on one panel, an incredibly rare occurrence. The current state of the bull market was discussed and where each one of them sees it heading in the future.

The experts that took part in the panel were Eric Sprott, Rob McEwen, Doug Casey, Jim Cramer, Steven Feldman and Jeff Clark. Each expert brings a slightly different perspective to the conversation, but all undoubtedly agree on one thing. The bull market in gold is far from dead.

Eric Sprott believes that the down draft in gold was an orchestrated event that completely blew up in the face of the manipulators. Undoubtedly the paper price has plummeted, but demand for the physical metal has surged to record levels.

Rob McEwen, who is CEO of McEwen Mining Inc. believes we are very close to the bottom in gold and see's a rise in prices by the end of this year. He also see's a coming shortage in gold as the lack of investment in mining companies causes mines to shut down. This of course will cause a huge decrease in production and a rise in prices.

Doug Casey and Jim Cramer both agree that everyone should have roughly 20% of their portfolio allocated in gold, but have different views on what form of gold that should consist of. Jim believes that mining shares are the place to be, while Doug say's you should be in physical bullion first.

As this interview drew to a close, the panel of experts were all asked the same question. Are you buying? The answer was a resounding yes. This bull market is far from over.

View and watch this exclusive event by clicking the link below:



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