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Ask The Expert - Ted Butler, What Are YOUR Questions?

By admin 5 years ago 1018 Views 2 comments


The next episode of Sprott Money's Ask the Expert will be recorded this week. I have the honour of interviewing precious metals expert, Ted Butler.

Ted Butler is an independent Silver Analyst who has been publishing unique precious metals commentaries on the internet since 1996. He is head of Butler Research LLC, where he offers a subscription service of weekly commentaries including detailed analysis of the Commitment of Traders Report, regulatory developments, supply/demand considerations, and topics of interest to investors in precious metals, with an emphasis on silver.

Ask the Expert is a unique opportunity in which you, the reader, are given the opportunity to ask the questions!

Please post your questions in the comment section below or simply send them to Sprott Money's Diana Nada. All questions will be carefully considered and reviewed. You can reach Diana at the following email:


Dave Barry 3 years ago at 9:14 PM
What do you think silver will do, when and why?
moncler 3 years ago at 9:14 PM
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