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Banksters Prepare For Battle In Silver Market - Jeff Nielson

Banksters Prepare For Battle In Silver Market - Jeff Nielson
By Jeff Nielson 5 years ago 1821 Views No comments

March 7, 2014

To understand the monolithic, financial cabal previously dubbed “the One Bank”, it helps to be able to translate the propaganda it emits through the Corporate media. Here a seemingly innocuous headline provides us with a critical clue – once placed into context:

Silver Stays Under $22/oz To Dismay Of Investors – UBS

With its own chart-jockeys nervously eying the increasingly buoyant silver market; the headline is really telling us that the One Bank itself has ‘drawn its line in the sand’ at $22/oz. For those who have not been following the silver market closely, it’s important to know how and why the banksters are currently so disturbed (obsessed?) about the silver market.

Anyone invested in this sector is still feeling the effects of the substantial plunge in bullion prices in 2013. Regular readers of my work know what really happened last year. As the Cyprus Steal (i.e. the first “bail-in”) put the Smart Money on notice that no paper is safe from a bail-in; these large players began a massive, totally unprecedented liquidation of their holdings in paper-called-gold – the (so-called) “bullion” ETF’s.

This near-stampede from paper into metal immediately triggered the largest/fastest draw-down of inventories in the history of these paper-fraud markets.

Because the paper-gold market is at least a hundred times larger than the real “gold market”; this massive liquidation of paper caused an inevitable plunge in bullion prices. In turn; the unintentional “sale” in bullion markets triggered by this flight caused an equally unprecedented Asian stampede into (physical) gold. At one point; China and India alone were on a pace to import 4,000 tonnes per year – as total, global mine production sinks toward 2,500 tonnes per year.

This unintended stampede into gold which was a product of the One Bank’s other financial crimes (and schemes) thus led to its absolute terror that China and India alone would quickly “clean out the shelves” with respect to global gold inventories – at which point the bankers’ games in these paper-fraud markets would be (at least temporarily) over.

Lacking any other means to even temporarily curb this insatiable gold-demand; the One Bank resorted to one of its more heavy-handed tactics: the blackmail of a sovereign government – in this case, India. For any readers who are skeptical that any Crime Syndicate could (successfully) blackmail sovereign governments, start paying attention.

As observed (yet again) in a recent commentary; the entire banking scam/scheme known as “too big to fail” is nothing less than the largest act of financial extortion in the history of humanity:

…It is the pinnacle of parasitism: the belief(and policy) that the life of the Parasite(s) takes precedence over the life of the Host, itself. It is also unabashed blackmail: “Bail out all of our bad gambling debts, or we will blow up the global financial system.”

In comparison; the One Bank’s recent blackmail of India’s government was a much smaller operation. It was engineered (as always) through a combination of market-manipulation and serial propaganda. As the same Western bankers currently being investigated for serial currency manipulation were destroying the value of India’s rupee; media stooges were calling this a crisis due to a “current account deficit” – supposedly caused by the purchase by Indians of such large quantities of gold.

This was an obvious lie, in that it is mathematically/economically/logically impossible to create a “current account deficit” when one simply swaps one currency for another (in this case, swapping rupees for gold). But with the Rule of Law dead in our global fraud-markets; might is right.

The One Bank can force sovereign governments to do its bidding, seemingly at will. So the economic crisis created as these financial Thugs destroyed India’s currency forced that government into draconian restrictions on gold imports. And what did that cause?

Surprise, surprise. When the most-voracious buyers of precious metals on the planet were frustrated from converting their wealth into gold, they switched to silver – in a big way. Last year; India broke its own, previous record for silver imports in a single year.

With India importing more than 5,000 tonnes of silver in 2013; the One Bank simply swapped a “crisis” (for the bankers) in the gold market for a new, looming crisis in the silver market. Sophisticated readers/investors are aware that a plethora of recent anecdotal evidence suggests that global silver inventories have already been stretched extremely tight.

It was thus easy to predict that as we moved into 2014, the silver market would be exhibiting significantly more upward pressure on prices than the gold market. Indeed, through the first eight weeks of this year, this is precisely what we have seen.

It has been the silver price which has been tugging gold prices higher, rather than the reverse. This, itself, is a strongly bullish indicator, as (being a much smaller market) a given amount of “bullish enthusiasm” will always produce a greater upward push in silver prices than in gold prices. It is thus with this mess of its own creation that the One Bank now seeks to deal with a “silver crisis”. Should silver push any higher, or even simply hold its ground in coming weeks; the Golden Cross will be a fait accompli.

As perhaps the most powerful/bullish of all technical indicators; this will be like a dinner-chime for the Pavlov’s dogs who call themselves “traders”, telling all these Dogs to “go long silver”. And that is why the One Bank’s foot-soldiers are once again girding for battle in bullion markets.

With market “regulators” still in their self-induced coma; recent history tells us this means another smack-down for silver in the near future – even as these same, so-called regulators pretend to be investigating the serial price-rigging of the gold market.

In other words; in order to avoid sending the “buy signal” to Western investors in the silver market, the One Bank plans to make silver even cheaper for Indians, who are already gobbling-up silver at an unprecedented pace. This comes even as a good monsoon season means India’s rural population will have significantly more wealth to funnel into precious metals in the coming months.

As “schemes” go; this one would make Wile E. Coyote proud.


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