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Buffett Sits on $50 Billion Cash-Hoard, Waiting for Bubbles to Pop - Jeff Nielson - Bullion Bulls Canada

Buffett Sits on $50 Billion Cash-Hoard, Waiting for Bubbles to Pop - Jeff Nielson - Bullion Bulls Canada
By Jeff Nielson 5 years ago 1607 Views No comments

August 8, 2014

Warren Buffett’s “game” is getting old, like Buffett himself. He panders shamelessly for the Big Banks of Wall Street, 24/7; and in return, these market-rigging criminals tell Buffett what to buy – and when to buy it. This allows Buffett to pretend to be a “market oracle”, a gig which has worked out very, very well for the multi-billionaire.

Buffett’s shtick is that he is “a long term investor”, which brings us to the crux of this piece. In order to be a “long term investor”, one must have nearly all of their money deployed, nearly all of the time. The entire concept of long-term investing is based upon the premise of having one’s capital “working for them”, as particular investment opportunities mature and ripen.

Obviously the $50+ billion which Buffett is currently hoarding on behalf of himself, Berkshire Hathaway, and its (wealthy) shareholders can’t “work for them” when it’s sitting on the sidelines. Thus the only exception to the standard practice of all long-term investors to be fully invested in the market (or nearly so) is when they are expecting a large and imminent “correction”.

When vampires like Buffett (knowing in advance what will happen) sit on an especially large pile of cash, it’s because they are expecting a particularly large correction (i.e. a crash). When such a Vampire is sitting on the largest mountain of un-deployed cash in the 40+ year history of Berkshire Hathaway, it can only be because he is expecting the Mother of All Crashes.

Here we come to the large, logical disconnect, which exposes Buffett as the pawn that he is. As noted in a recent commentary; officially the U.S. economy is now in a Never-Ending Recovery. Despite the fact that this supposed “recovery” is now already twice as long as any ordinary recovery; we’re told by the bankers, the U.S. government, and the Corporate media (i.e. all of Buffett’s friends) that this Recovery continues to “improve” (even after more than 5 years), and shows no sign of ever ending.

Why is this? Because the U.S. Recovery is a magical recovery. It can “grow” without jobs. It can “grow” without spending. It can even “grow” without using any energy. In fact, in the magical U.S. economy it’s gasoline-powered automobiles can now be operated without gasoline. Yet Buffett the Investor is currently waiting for the Mother of All Crashes, with the largest bet in the history of Berkshire Hathaway.

Understand that Buffett is not allowed to short U.S. markets with this massive hoard of capital, the logical way for a long-term investor to be “fully invested” when expecting a correction. That would be pushing against all of the equities-bubbles which his Masters have been pumping-up so diligently over the past 5+ years, and they are not yet ready to place their own “short” bets -- confident they can pump-up these bubbles still further before staging the next crash.

Their bets always come before those of Buffett and the Berkshire Hathaway club, and Buffett understands his place in the pecking order. However, for similar reasons it’s impossible for Buffett to simply wait until just before the preordained crash, and then pull all/much of his funds out of the market, all at once.

That would clearly telegraph that the crash was coming, tipping off the Sheep, and allowing them to pull their own capital out of markets – before they had been thoroughly-and-painfully fleeced by the “shears” of the Wall Street banksters. That is most-definitely not allowed, thus Buffett must accumulate this mountain of capital slowly, but relentlessly.

For these reasons, it would be extremely unwise for any would-be “market heroes” to go out and immediately begin shorting U.S. markets today. The fact that Buffett has already accumulated the largest pile of cash to place into his sure (rigged) bets in the 40+ year history of Berkshire Hathaway tells us that the Mother of All Crashes is coming to U.S. markets – but it doesn’t tell us when.

How greedy is Warren Buffett (in his advancing years)? In other words; how big is this Berkshire Hathaway mountain-of-money going to get, before the inevitable crash is triggered on the always-unsuspecting Sheep?

Warren Buffett is now 83 years old. Undoubtedly his Masters have promised Buffett “one more rally” (the Big One?) to cap-off his years of loyal service to the banksters. Thus, to a large extent, the question becomes: how long does Warren Buffett expect to live?

With Buffett reportedly in good health (and “only the Good die young”), maybe Buffett plans on piling-up more than $100 billion in vampire-dollars, before the Big Banks implode these bubbles, and Buffett (and his “club”) can cash in on this market-rigging windfall? In fact, we will only know for sure that the crash is very imminent when Buffett’s hoard of bubble-money stops growing.

Buffett’s age, itself, is further proof of the market-rigging conspiracy between himself and the Big Banks of Wall Street. What sane, 83-year-old, long term investor would sit on the sidelines with the largest hoard of vampire-dollars in his illustrious(?) career, as the Never-Ending Recovery keeps chugging along like “the Energizer Bunny”?

If Buffett was 63 years old rather than 83 years old; there would be nothing necessarily suspicious about a patient “long term investor” accumulating capital, in anticipation of an eventual end of this pseudo-growth cycle. Even Never-Ending Recoveries have to end…some day.

But when one is 83 years old, one does not patiently sit and wait for some pie-in-the-sky “some day”: the end of the Never-Ending Recovery. Buffett sits (and salivates) with his massive hoard of money because he knows he won’t have to wait too long.

There is no way for Buffett to explain the size of his current hoard of vampire-dollars. All of the banksters, all of the politicians, and the entire Corporate media (i.e. everyone whom Buffett himself respects) is telling us that the “recovery” is rock-solid (and continuing to strengthen), and that the current bubble-highs in U.S. equity markets are very, very, very definitely not bubbles.

How does Buffett explain his current market “intuition”? Does God himself speak to the Oracle of Omaha, telling him (and no other) that the End of the Never-Ending Recovery is imminent? But if Buffett is not the 21st century “Noah” of our markets (as he builds his Ark of money); how does he know?

Ironically (and inadvertently), the Corporate media has tipped us off as to Buffett’s game with a current headline:

Buffett Waits on Fat Pitch as Cash Hoard Tops $50 Billion

For those not familiar with this baseball vernacular; a “fat pitch” is a pitch thrown to a batter which (either accidentally or deliberately) is meant to be hit – generally for “a home run”.

Everyone in the world whom this 83-year-old long-term investor knows and admires is telling him that there is no end in sight to the Never-Ending Recovery. Yet here we see Warren the Slugger waiting for his “fat pitch”. There is no reason at all for Buffett to expect the “pitchers” in our markets to serve-up such a pitch accidentally. Thus Buffett must already know in advance that his home-run pitch will be a deliberate one – and is on the way.

The Wonderland Matrix is full of insane contradictions, indeed, practically nothing within this propaganda sphere-of-insanity makes any sense whatsoever. However, when an 83-year-old “long-term investor” (the Ultimate Long-Term Investor) sits and waits for the end of the Never-Ending Recovery, with the largest bet in his 40+ year career; this surely ranks as one the largest contradictions.

Our markets are not “markets” at all. They are totally corrupt, rigged casinos. This can be (and has been) shown in many different ways, including the massive, class-action law suit against the CME, which claims to have evidentiary proof of the Master Trading Program which these banksters use to (absolutely) rig-and-control all of these markets.

In legitimate societies; Buffett’s claim to be the “best investor” in such markets would not be a badge of honour. Rather, it would be a confession to a crime.


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