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Important Message For Customers:

The Ontario Government has legislated that all non-essential businesses MUST BE closed BY 12:01 am on March 25. The health and safety of our employees, clients and our community is our top priority. To do our part in slowing the spread of COVID-19, our staff are working remotely until further notice.

Furthermore, our carrier, UPS, has notified us that all shipments will not be insured and will not require a client’s signature upon delivery until further notice. Given the nature of our business, we are not willing to take that risk with your investments. As a result, we are temporarily suspending all shipments within Canada until UPS lifts these protocols.

Use e-mail for more expedient service.

Please be assured that your orders will be shipped to you as soon as we can. These are valuable investments you are making, and we want to make sure we send them in a safe, secured and insured manner. Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at 1-888-861-0775 or email us at sales@sprottmoney.com

Thanks for your patience and understanding in this difficult time.

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Gary Christenson - The Deviant Investor

The State of the Union – Markets - Gary Christenson (09/02/2018)

By Gary Christenson 2 years ago 14807 Views No comments

"Stock Markets: Prices and valuations, even after the losses from the past two weeks, are too high. John Hussman, Ph.D. expects a drop of 65% or more. Do your own due diligence, but consider moving capital to safer investments, such as silver bullion and coins."

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Improvised Explosives in Markets - Gary Christenson (27/4/2017)

By Gary Christenson 3 years ago 14309 Views No comments

What happens when new currency is created with few limits by central banks and commercial banks? Answer: Far too much debt and currency are created.

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Titanic Parallel to the Federal Reserve - Gary Christenson (17/4/2017)

By Gary Christenson 3 years ago 12151 Views No comments

The U.S. dollar, euro, pound, yen and other fiat currencies backed by nothing but debt, confidence, faith, and official pronouncements are “living on borrowed time.”

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Death Valley Snowballs and Fiat Currencies - Gary Christenson (29/3/2017)

By Gary Christenson 3 years ago 16376 Views No comments

Fiat currencies, backed by credit and debt, survive longer than snowballs in Death Valley, but history shows all fiat currencies are inflated into worthlessness and eventually die.

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Russian Roulette, Central Banks, and Gold - Gary Christenson (24/3/2017)

By Gary Christenson 3 years ago 10758 Views No comments

Grab your ultra-reliable 357 magnum revolver and load the cylinder with six, not one, rounds of ammunition. Point the gun at your head if you are a member of the struggling middle-class. Imagine pulling the trigger and hoping.

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Death, Debt, Devaluation and Taxes - Gary Christenson (16/3/2017)

By Gary Christenson 3 years ago 8094 Views No comments

Fiat currencies have crashed before while gold and silver have retained their value, rising in nominal currencies to unbelievable price heights. Fading currencies and rising metals are likely in our near future.

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Dow Euphoria - Gary Christenson (8/3/2017)

By Gary Christenson 3 years ago 7073 Views No comments

But it takes more debt to buy each Dow point than it did several decades ago. How much debt will be needed to levitate the Dow to 30,000? Will it require $40 trillion in debt? And what are the consequences of massively more debt? Stagflation is on the horizon.

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The Return of Stagflation - Gary Christenson (22/2/2017)

By Gary Christenson 3 years ago 6583 Views No comments

The 1970s was the decade of “stagflation.” Interest rates and commodity prices rose, the nation was deeply divided politically, and the S&P was mostly flat. It was a difficult time for most Americans as debt and prices increased while incomes slowly followed. American prestige declined. 2017 – 2025 could be a repeat of the 1970s.

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The Costs of Dragon Maintenance - Gary Christenson (9/2/2017)

By Gary Christenson 3 years ago 5892 Views No comments

Consider the costs of fiat paper currencies, deficit spending, central banking and … dragon maintenance.

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Depression, Stagflation, Stag-Depress-Flation - Gary Christenson (2/2/2017)

By Gary Christenson 3 years ago 23944 Views No comments

Expect much more inflation, like the 1970s and worse, as government and the Fed “stimulate” the economy with currency printing, QE, war, and spending. Congress likes spending projects and wars. The Fed likes devaluation of the dollar and inflation of the currency. The dollar has lost, compared to gold, over 98% of its value since 1913. Expect further devaluation of the dollar.

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Major Markets at Turning Points - Gary Christenson (19/1/2017)

By Gary Christenson - The Deviant Investor 4 years ago 6473 Views No comments

Bonds have risen in a 35 year bull market. That bull market looks tired and probably peaked in July of 2016. The U.S. Dollar Index recently hit 14 year highs. Has the dollar finally peaked? Has it turned downward since January 3, 2017?

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Silver Prices for the Year 2017 - Gary Christenson (13/1/2017)

By Gary Christenson - The Deviant Investor 4 years ago 10321 Views No comments

How low and how high will the price of silver range on the PAPER markets during 2017? Knowing the influence central bankers, politicians, HFT algos, bullion banks and JPMorgan exercise over increasingly managed markets … it is impossible to answer the question, and it is probably the wrong question to ask.

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Silver Prices and the Russian Connection - Gary Christenson (3/1/2017)

By Gary Christenson 4 years ago 16512 Views 2 comments

Currencies are created by increasing debt and are backed by nothing but hope, faith and confidence. Exponentially increasing debt is not sustainable. How long before the dollar, pound, yen and euro begin to resemble the Venezuelan and Argentinian currencies?

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A New Dow High? - Gary Christenson

By Gary Christenson 4 years ago 4449 Views No comments

While the global bond markets have begun to correct their 35 year bull market, the major U.S. stock indices, including the Dow, NASDAQ, Russell and S&P, have rallied nicely.

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Interest Rate Turn? - Gary Christenson

By Gary Christenson 4 years ago 5497 Views No comments

Can interest rates go lower? Ask the machines, central banks, and algos that control them. But given the rapid rise since August 2016 it seems increasingly likely that rates will continue to rise from what looks like a generational bottom. They might rise for several decades.

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