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Jeff Thomas

The Ebb and Flow of the Tides of Nations - Jeff Thomas (02/02/2018)

By Jeff Thomas 3 years ago 20022 Views No comments

In advising those who are considering international diversification, the most common misconception I hear is that, “There’s not really anything you can do. The globalists are taking over the world and that means that there’s nowhere to go to escape them.”

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Creating Another "Crash of 1929" - Jeff Thomas (24/4/2017)

By Jeff Thomas 3 years ago 15791 Views No comments

As unfair as it may be, a nation’s people almost always blame whoever is on watch when a collapse occurs. It matters little who or what is actually at fault. People need a “face” to vilify for the disaster and the sitting leader is almost always spontaneously chosen by a nation as that face.

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The Candlemaker’s Petition - Jeff Thomas (6/4/2017)

By Jeff Thomas 3 years ago 13489 Views No comments

On the surface, tariffs sound like a good idea, but in reality, they’re veritable icebergs of economic destruction.

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The Dancing Bears - Jeff Thomas (23/3/2017)

By Jeff Thomas 3 years ago 7924 Views No comments

But crashes don’t always occur as soon as they become logical. As long as the public can be fooled into remaining confident in the system, a doomed economy can limp along for a bit before toppling. Statistics on unemployment and inflation can be fudged (and they have been).

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Beware the Ides of March - Jeff Thomas (16/3/2017)

By Jeff Thomas 3 years ago 11397 Views 3 comments

In December of 2016, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve announced that the Fed was likely to raise the interest rate several times in 2017. The next such rise is anticipated to take place on 15th March.

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The Sinking of the Lord Clive - Jeff Thomas (2/3/2017)

By Jeff Thomas 4 years ago 5512 Views No comments

The US is in a similar situation. It’s not exactly in the best shape at home. The economy is on the ropes and a financial collapse may be imminent. The government is rapidly becoming more autocratic and a police state is likely to be instituted in the near future.

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Fight of the Century - Jeff Thomas (24/2/2017)

By Jeff Thomas 4 years ago 6283 Views No comments

So, is it possible that the US is following a similar path to that of 1930’s Germany? Well, let’s look a bit closer and see.

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Duesenberg in a Barn - Jeff Thomas (18/2/2017)

By Jeff Thomas 4 years ago 7249 Views No comments

In 1929, Ford sold 1,507,132 cars. Chevrolet sold 1,328,605. Then came the stock market crash. Sales dropped dramatically each year until 1932, when sales bottomed at 210,824 for Ford and 313,404 for Chevrolet. But, during that time, a small new market came on stream for the two foremost budget brands—the rich.

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When the Money Supply Dries Up - Jeff Thomas (10/2/2017)

By Jeff Thomas 4 years ago 6883 Views No comments

Most people in the world today cannot remember a time before Bretton Woods, yet they may soon witness the Bretton Woods agreement becoming a dead duck.

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20/20 - Jeff Thomas (6/2/2017)

By Jeff Thomas 4 years ago 7242 Views No comments

If this is so, we might consider another “20/20” - the year 2020, which will be the year that the new president will be up for possible re-election. If an economic collapse occurs on his watch, it will matter little how well-intended he might have been, or even how successful some of his plans might have been.

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“We Will Bury You” - Jeff Thomas (31/1/2017)

By Jeff Thomas 4 years ago 13198 Views No comments

So, how has revolution been successful in so many cases where the government was better armed, better organized and had control of the supply chain?

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Under New Management - Jeff Thomas (20/1/2017)

By Jeff Thomas 4 years ago 6045 Views No comments

When a new leader is elected, the best first assumption to make is that his campaign promises probably had little or no relationship to his actual intentions. More likely, his intentions will be to continue to pander to the Deep State and those that helped him to get elected.

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Three Strikes – You’re Out! - Jeff Thomas (12/1/2017)

By Jeff Thomas 4 years ago 4287 Views No comments

“Three strikes – you’re out,” means to all and sundry that the individual in question is finished for the time being. The phrase is sometimes used in investment circles. One investor can be heard advising another, “Don’t buy that stock – they’re underfunded, have poor management and an unsustainable business plan. You’d have three strikes against you even before you started.”

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Get an Education - Jeff Thomas (6/1/2017)

By Jeff Thomas 4 years ago 5210 Views No comments

Today, especially in the US, there’s a push toward the concept of everyone going to university, with some leaders and would-be leaders suggesting that university education should be available to all, for free. They don’t mention how it might be possible for the already-imposed-upon taxpayer to pay for this enormous additional cost, other than to “tax the rich some more”.

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The Future of Passports - Jeff Thomas

By Jeff Thomas 4 years ago 7150 Views No comments

As The Great Unravelling progresses, we will witness a dramatic increase in both statistics. Along the way, we can expect the more restrictive governments, particularly those of the EU and US, to institute limitations on travel for their citizens, in order to keep them captive at home.

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