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Nathan McDonald

The Dow Jones Breaks the 20,000 Mark As the National Debt Approaches $20 Trillion - Nathan McDonald (27/1/2017)

By Nathan McDonald 3 years ago 6308 Views No comments

Wednesday saw an historic event take place. The Dow Jones broke through the 20,000 mark for the first time ever. Broadcasters broke out into song and into praise, others hailed it as a great triumph and a sign of great things to come. But is it?

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The Rigged System is in its Death Throes, But Caution is Advised - Nathan McDonald (25/1/2017)

By Nathan McDonald 3 years ago 7108 Views 1 comment

The precious metals markets, the general stock markets and the fiat system we live under are manipulated and controlled by the financial elite. In the end, it is only a matter of time before the shackles are broken and the free markets once again become the dominant, driving force.

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The US Dollar Strengthens While Its Foundation Continues to Rot - Nathan McDonald (19/1/2017)

By Nathan McDonald 3 years ago 6952 Views No comments

One thing that we have unexpectedly seen since Donald Trump became the President-elect (very soon to be President) is a strong US dollar. This comes despite the fact that he has stated he is going to expand infrastructure spending within the United States in a massive way.

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Fox News Neil Cavuto Lashes Out at CNN! "How Does it Feel?" - Nathan McDonald (13/1/2017)

By Nathan McDonald 3 years ago 4512 Views No comments

The mainstream media is in full blown panic mode, as pointed out in my last article, they are being exposed for their corruption and their agenda that pushes "fake news".

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And the Reward for Best "Fake News" of the Year Goes to... CNN! - Nathan McDonald (13/1/2017)

By Nathan McDonald 3 years ago 5503 Views No comments

The recent debacle by the far left leaning CNN and Buzzfeed has embarrassed the Main Stream Media once again and highlighted the fact that despite the narrative that these organizations are trying to push, they are in fact the originators and pushers of fake news.

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Another Boom and Bust, Brought to You Via Bitcoin - Nathan McDonald (5/1/2017)

By Nathan McDonald 3 years ago 12045 Views No comments

The story of Bitcoin has been a roller coaster ride of rises and falls. People have either engaged directly in the bubble, or stood on the sidelines and watch in awe as Bitcoin has catapulted higher in recent weeks. Yet, this was not meant to last. Once again, Bitcoin has suffered a serious setback, falling roughly 31% overnight!

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Donald Trump Fights for the Middle Class, One Tweet at a Time - Nathan McDonald (3/1/2017)

By Nathan McDonald 3 years ago 5517 Views No comments

Another day, another strike against globalization and the devastation that it has brought upon the American middle class.

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White House Under Intense Pressure to Release ANY Evidence that Russia Got Trump Elected - Nathan McDonald

By Nathan McDonald 3 years ago 7511 Views 1 comment

One strategy that the far left has run with since losing in a humiliating defeat to Donald Trump in the recent US elections is one that failed horribly in the election cycle and is continuing to fail horribly as we continue on.

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The People of Germany Turn on The Elites' Puppet, Angela Merkel, as Anger Rises - Nathan McDonald

By Nathan McDonald 3 years ago 7675 Views 2 comments

Outrage and anger - this is a subject that we see over and over again as of lately. These emotions are what gave rise to BREXIT, they are what gave rise to the victory of Donald Trump and they are exactly why Germany and France are next on the list to be toppled and set free by liberty lovers.

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Gold ETF Holdings Continue to Plunge, While Demand for Physical Surges - Nathan McDonald

By Nathan McDonald 3 years ago 8547 Views No comments

Once again, we return with a tale of two markets, which, if you've been following my writing for any length of time, you will know that I am referring to the physical gold markets and the paper gold markets.

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The Thought Police Are Here to Save You From "Fake News" - Nathan McDonald

By Nathan McDonald 3 years ago 6909 Views No comments

A term you heard used over and over again during the election, especially by the alt-left: "Fact check", "fact check", "fact check".

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Will The FED Deliberately Crash the Economy to Defeat Donald Trump? - Nathan McDonald

By Nathan McDonald 3 years ago 7839 Views 1 comment

Gold and silver have been beaten and battered with the recent FED hike rate announcement, even though it is only a pathetic 0.25% - scarcely anything that will stop the avalanche of fiat money and inflation that is plaguing the world over.

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The War on Cash is a Global Trend That Must Be Resisted - Nathan McDonald

By Nathan McDonald 3 years ago 4810 Views No comments

The global elites have made it incredibly clear that they hate physical money. The war on cash has been something that many governments around the world have dabbled in.

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The Resignation of Italy's Prime Minister Renzi is Another Major Blow to the Globalist Agenda - Nathan McDonald

By Nathan McDonald 3 years ago 6305 Views No comments

The people of Italy and liberty lovers around the world rejoice in their victory as another globalist puppet is toppled. This trend is unfolding now at a rapid pace and is one that is not going to stop anytime soon, much to the globalists' disappointment.

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The MAGA Trend Continues: Trump Convinces Carrier to Remain - Nathan McDonald

By Nathan McDonald 3 years ago 7348 Views No comments

The time for the West to begin taking care of itself once again is now. The elite who have ruled over us for decades have gutted our jobs, siphoned off our wealth, and at the same time, made us feel guilty for our past successes. This trend is fortunately coming to a stop.

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