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Stockholm Syndrome Gold Report - Keith Weiner

By Keith Weiner 9 days ago 5719 Views No comments

There is a loose analogy between being held hostage and being an investor in a regime of irredeemable paper currency and zero interest rates. In both cases, the victim has little hope of escape and must seek to somehow survive under malevolent conditions.

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This Feels Like the Action in 2008 Right Before the Collapse - Dave Kranzler

By Dave Kranzler 9 days ago 5918 Views No comments

The current trading action in the precious metals paper market feels very similar to trading in the spring/summer of 2008.

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National Debt Too High, Silver Price Too Low - Gary Christenson

By Gary Christenson 12 days ago 5488 Views 1 comment

Silver currently sells around $16, which would be sensible if the U.S. national debt was much less than its current $20 trillion.

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Speculators Sour On Gold & Silver, Which Means The Bottom Is Near - John Rubino

By John Rubino 12 days ago 5349 Views No comments

The stars — in the form of smart and dumb money futures contract positions — have once again lined up favorably for precious metals.

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Must See Video: Neil Cavuto and Terry Duffy Discuss the Gold Market - Craig Hemke

By Craig Hemke 13 days ago 8505 Views 2 comments

A few moments ago on Fox Business Channel we heard someone proclaim that "given all that's going on the world, gold should probably be $5,000 to $6,000 per ounce". Who actually had the gall to say this on live television? You won't believe it unless you see it for yourself.

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Putting the Latest Silver Crash Under a Lens - Keith Weiner

By Keith Weiner 13 days ago 5965 Views No comments

On Thursday, July 6, in the late afternoon (as reckoned in Arizona), the price of silver crashed. The move was very brief, but very intense.

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The Second Half of the Pincer - Jeff Thomas

By Jeff Thomas 13 days ago 5863 Views No comments

For some time, I’ve been forewarning readers that, as the governments of the former “free” world unravel, they’ll introduce capital controls, both to continue to fund their failing policies and to limit the freedom of their citizenries.

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The Gold Industry is in a Deep State of Dysfunction, Delusion and Denial - Stewart Dougherty

By Stewart Dougherty 14 days ago 5862 Views 2 comments

During the last 37+ years (we are now well into the 38th), the Deep State manipulators have criminally looted the gold and silver markets, pocketing astronomical profits for themselves in the process, all of which have come from real victims on the other sides of their fraudulent trades.

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Illinois On The Brink? The Whole Country Is On The Brink - Dave Kranzler

By Dave Kranzler 14 days ago 5983 Views No comments

We are at the point where the last crumbs are being swept off the table. It looks like Illinois will be the first to fall, but there will be several others that follow.

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Cryptocurrencies vs. Bullion - Jeff Nielson

By Jeff Nielson 15 days ago 7388 Views 3 comments

Crypto-currencies have seen a spectacular run-up in their exchange rates recently. Bullion investors frustrated with stagnant (manipulated) prices for gold and silver may wonder how these virtual currencies could/should be a part of their own financial management strategy. It’s all a question of apples and oranges.

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