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A Great Upheaval Approaches as the MSM Continues to Pit the Left Against the Right - Nathan McDonald (08/01/2018)

By Nathan McDonald 8 days ago 5417 Views No comments

For better or worse, this is the path we are on now. America is moving in a direction that is seeing it focus more and more on itself, becoming ever more insular. For those that believe in globalism, this is a scary thought.

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The Four Most Dangerous Words In Investing - Dave Kranzler (05/01/2018)

By Dave Kranzler 11 days ago 586 Views No comments

During this past week, the bullish sentiment of investors continued to soar. A record level of investor bullishness never ends well for the stock market. Speaking of which, there has been an interesting development in the Conference Board’s Consumer Confidence metrics.

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Move over Ian Bremmer: here are the real top risks for 2018 - Peter Diekmeyer (05/01/2018)

By Peter Diekmeyer 11 days ago 5429 Views No comments

Ian Bremmer’s Top Ten global risk list is a favourite among the plutocracy. What would it look like if it targeted ordinary Americans?

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Toxicity Plus Toxicity Does Not Equal Purification - Dave Kranzler (04/01/2018)

By Dave Kranzler 12 days ago 5337 Views No comments

Paper is a check drawn by legal looters upon an account which is not theirs: upon the virtue of the victims. Watch for the day when it bounces, marked, ‘Account overdrawn.’ – Francisco’s “Money” Speech – from “Atlas Shrugged”

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Silver Created the Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History To-Date - Rory Hall (04/01/2018)

By Rory Hall 12 days ago 5128 Views No comments

The past few days I have been reminded of how important silver is to our world and how silver is the one asset the world needs in order to function to a high level. Actually, silver is necessary for our world to function at even the most basic level where power/energy/information is running through wires. Silver makes it possible.

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More to Come - Jeff Thomas (03/01/2018)

By Jeff Thomas 13 days ago 319 Views No comments

Those in the greatest positions of power have never suddenly reversed an empire when it was about to self-destruct. What they tend to do instead is to guard against becoming casualties of the disaster they’ve created.

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Big Gains for Silver in 2018? - Rory Hall (03/01/2018)

By Rory Hall 13 days ago 270 Views No comments

Now, we are finally beginning to see evidence of industrial demand picking up with strong global growth. Therefore, strong global growth should lead to outperform gold, as it has in the next expansion phase,” said in its report released late last week.

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Is Sub-Prime Auto Loan Armageddon Coming? - Dave Kranzler (03/01/2017)

By Dave Kranzler 13 days ago 6563 Views No comments

The total amount of subprime auto loans outstanding is nearly $300 billion. This number is from the NY Fed

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Massive Changes are Coming in 2018; Ignore the Facts if You Wish - Nathan McDonald (03/01/2018)

By Nathan McDonald 13 days ago 5547 Views No comments

Foolishly, investors try time and again to ignore reality and invest purely based on their emotions—which, in the end, often results in massive losses as herd mentality overtakes common sense and facts fall by the wayside.

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A Return to Financial Sanity? Gary Christenson (03/01/2018)

By Gary Christenson 13 days ago 4819 Views No comments

The choices are: continue the insanity and hope to survive the next election/crash/war/disaster, or contemplate the abyss

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