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Weekly Wrap-Up

“I’d like those guys to reflect on that and realize how stupid they were.” — Eric Sprott on the jobs report, precious metals manipulation, and why crypto is over (Weekly Wrap-Up, February 2, 2018)

By Craig Hemke 3 months ago 20057 Views 1 comment

The US jobs report is out, and the markets are already reacting. But Eric says all is not as it seems.

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BONUS EDITION - Author and portfolio manager Bob Thompson on “the most overlooked trade around.” Plus: the bull market you don’t know we’re in. (26/01/2018)

By Craig Hemke 3 months ago 26269 Views 1 comment

Bob Thompson, Vice President and portfolio manager with Raymond James in Vancouver—and the author of “Stock Market Super-Stars: Secrets of Canada’s Top Stock Pickers”—stops by for a value-packed and entertaining chat on the commodities market.

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“How many years in a row can you take this before you say, ‘You know, I should do something about this?’” — Eric Sprott on the US Dollar, commodities, and gold in the Pilbara region. (Weekly Wrap-Up, January 26, 2018)

By Craig Hemke 3 months ago 28502 Views 3 comments

This week, Eric Sprott discusses the rapidly falling US dollar and its impact on commodity prices. He also gives an update on the gold finds in the Pilbara region of Australia.

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“Right on the verge of breaking out.” - Are gold and silver headed for a new five year high? (Weekly Wrap-Up, January 19, 2018)

By Craig Hemke 3 months ago 11942 Views No comments

This week, Eric Sprott discusses the current price trends in gold and silver as well as the recent selloff in Bitcoin.

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“Everything is so vulnerable.” — Eric Sprott on the weak dollar, flawed Intel chips, and his “stock of 2018.” (Weekly Wrap-Up, January 12, 2018)

By Craig Hemke 3 months ago 30093 Views No comments

Eric Sprott discusses the rapidly-sinking US dollar and how this will impact gold and silver prices in 2018.

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“Maybe the whole fraud of the Comex is unwinding.” (Weekly Wrap-Up, January 5, 2018)

By Craig Hemke 3 months ago 24931 Views 1 comment

Eric Sprott discusses the strong start to 2018 for the precious metals and looks forward an exciting year to come.

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“A turn to real things” — Eric Sprott’s predictions for 2018 (Weekly Wrap-Up, December 29, 2017)

4 months ago 14794 Views No comments

Eric Sprott discusses the trends that prevailed in 2017 and looks ahead to great year for gold and silver in 2018.

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Precious metals are up, cryptocurrencies are down. Why Eric Sprott thinks 2018 could be an interesting year (Weekly Wrap-Up, December 22, 2017)

4 months ago 19383 Views No comments

After an interesting week with lots of major changes going on, Eric Sprott feels optimistic. “Last week’s report was stunningly positive for the future of Silver and Gold,” he says, making it easy to imagine “a period time when the prices keep rising.”

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Eric Sprott Talks Lows in Gold, Comex Shenanigans, and Answers Your Questions (Weekly Wrap-Up, December 15, 2017)

By Craig Hemke 4 months ago 9136 Views No comments

Lows in gold, Comex curiosities - it's been an interesting week for precious metals. Whether or not there will be a rally in 2018 remains to be seen, but if history is anything to go by, there just may be a lift in the market as we turn the calendar to the new year.

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Eric Sprott Forecasts Status Quo Now, But Big Rally in 2018 (Weekly Wrap-Up, December 8, 2017)

By Craig Hemke 4 months ago 10405 Views No comments

"More of the same" - that seems to be the refrain for precious metals this year, according to Eric Sprott. It's been tough, and gold and silver bugs may be feeling a bit low this holiday season. But, says Eric, a renewed rally in 2018 may be possible.

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