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Chaos Amongst the FED Set's the Market Spinning

Chaos Amongst the FED Set's the Market Spinning
By admin 6 years ago 1509 Views No comments

Many experts have continuously said that the FED has no idea what it is doing while others have stated that the FED knows exactly what it is doing. The one thing that I know for sure, is that the FED is incredibly good at confusing the market. They mastered the art of speaking out of both sides of their mouth.

The most recent FOMC minute meetings have been released and it appears that the FED is either in utter chaos or is simply putting on a drama show. Members seem to be in disagreement on whether or not they should taper and end quantitative easing. As stated before, this cannot be done without an utter market implosion. This goes back to my earlier statement that the FED has mastered speaking out of both sides of their mouth. Perhaps the disagreement in their meeting minutes is simply a diversion and another extend and pretend tactic. I suspect that this is very likely.

The FED knows they must keep printing money or the whole system will come unglued. Yet they also know that to have its desired effect, they must continue to act as if they will one day taper and end the madness. For now, the madness simply continues. Bernake will speak today, which I'm sure will set the market spinning in all directions once again. The MOPE continues.



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