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Eric Sprott, Rick Rule, and More "Stars" of Mining to Appear at Special Event

Eric Sprott, Rick Rule, and More "Stars" of Mining to Appear at Special Event
By admin 4 years ago 1305 Views

April 23, 2015

Henry Bonner (hbonner@sprottglobal.com)

Three years into a bear market in precious metals, are resource companies still reeling from low metals prices? Are they hunkering down?

When the dust settles, who will be left standing?

You’ll hear from some of the best participants from the resource sector this summer, at our special event.

Rick Rule, Chairman of Sprott U.S. Holdings Inc., will be hosting the entire show, which will take place in Vancouver, July 28-31, 2015 at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.

As an attendee, you’ll be able to hear where some of the best people in the resource industry are seeing opportunity, and what they believe lies in store for precious metals and natural resource investors.

In Rick’s view, you won’t find the same depth of talent, expertise, and quality at any other event for retail investors.

He has dubbed the cast of speakers the “Best of the Best,” which includes:

  • Eric Sprott, Founder of Sprott Inc.
  • David Harquail, CEO of gold and silver royalty company Franco-Nevada Corp.
  • Robert Friedland, Founder of exploration company Ivanhoe Mines Ltd.
  • Paul Wright, CEO of gold miner Eldorado Gold
  • Randy Smallwood, CEO of streaming company Silver Wheaton
  • Doug Casey, best-selling author on resource investing
  • Porter Stansberry, Founder of Stansberry & Associates Investment Research

Along with these industry “stars,” attendees will gain information about where Sprott is putting its money. There will be around 50 resource companies attending too - all represented in the Sprott group’s own portfolios. These include Almaden Minerals, Altius Minerals, Reservoir Minerals, Pretium Resources, and many others.

As Rick likes to say, “We eat our own cooking.”

The conference, called the Sprott-Stansberry Natural Resource Symposium, will deliver the “Best of the Best” from the resource industry over a four-day event.

Attendees will also hear from widely-followed investing analysts including Steve Sjuggerud, Matt Badiali, and Dan Ferris of Stansberry Research, Chris Mayer and Byron King of Agora Financial, Everbank’s Frank Trotter, and Sean Broderick of the Oxford Club. We’ll also feature Marin Katusa, Louis James, and Jeff Clark of Casey Research, and other well-followed market commentators including Keith Schaefer of the Oil and Gas Bulletin Board and resource investors John Kaiser, Brent Cook, and Adrian Day.

Tickets are available at $499 for a limited time. Click here to find out more about the Sprott-Stansberry Vancouver Natural Resource Symposium.


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