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Gold - Dead Cat or Raging Bull?

Gold - Dead Cat or Raging Bull?
By admin 6 years ago 1160 Views No comments

Is the gold bull market over? Is it a dead cat? Or is it setting up for one of the most historic up upswings in history? As I have pointed out in the past, the commercials in the gold market are positioning themselves for a massive move higher in the price of gold. It appears this could occur at some point this summer.

Still there are those who would say that the gold bull market is toast. So wouldn't it be nice if we could hear various view points from those most closely connected to the market? Luckily we will get this chance on June 25th. Casey Research and The Street have joined forces and gathered some of the greatest minds in the industry. This event is title "Gold: Dead Cat or Raging Bull?". Some of the gurus who will be taking part in this event are Eric Sprott, Jim Cramer, Doug Casey, Steven Feldman, Rob McEwen and Jeff clark.

Below are some of the main topics that will be discussed:

  • Is gold likely to drop further or make an aggressive comeback in the near future? How should investors prepare themselves?
  • Why is there such an intense demand for physical gold, despite the fact that the major gold ETFs have been crashing?
  • Should you own gold assets, and if so, which ones? Are ETFs, gold stocks, or mutual funds still safe to buy?
  • How come gold stocks have been absolutely slaughtered compared to physical gold? The surprising reasons why mining stocks are (literally) cheaper than dirt...
  • What will be the "grand finale" of the current market and economic situation? How is it all going to play out?

The best part of this presentation is that it is absolutely free. You simply just need to sign up in advance. Getting this many experts on one panel is a rare event indeed. In my opinion this is one event you won't want to miss.

You can sign up for this FREE presentation by clicking the link below:




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