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How Western Governments Will Steal Your Land, Part II - Bullion Bulls Canada

How Western Governments Will Steal Your Land, Part II - Bullion Bulls Canada
By Jeff Nielson 3 years ago 1581 Views 2 comments

In Part I; readers were introduced to the Great, Western Real Estate Swindle being perpetrated by the Western banking crime syndicate (the One Bank), primarily through the efforts of their loyal servants in the West’s governments and (especially) our central banks. But the size/complexity of this mega-scam required both considerable explanation and context.

Thus, in the opening installment, readers only saw part of the bigger picture. They learned how to deliberately create a real estate bubble: via either low mortgage rates, or high inflation. It was then pointed out to readers how (in our corrupt regimes) we have both the lowest mortgage rates in history and the highest inflation in our lifetime – year after year after year.

It was further observed that this would never be possible, with any legitimate economy (and government). High inflation is supposed to automatically result in significantly higher interest rates, the only “cure” (from the bankers) for the “disease” created by the bankers: inflation. But the central bankers, our governments, the (corrupt) Corporate media, and the charlatan economists all lie to us about inflation, and thus the central banks have avoided the interest rate hikes they solemnly promised at the beginning of 2009.

It is through this serial campaign of lies (and fraud) that our governments and central banks have frozen interest rates as low as they could go, and pumped-up inflation as high as they could (while still pretending it doesn’t exist). In doing so; they have created the Mother of All Bubbles, and this was where Part I left off.

It is now time to begin to address the more central questions to this Crime of the Millennium: what, when, and who? The first question is easiest to answer, so it will be addressed first. What do bankers do after they have (deliberately) created a bubble? They (deliberately) blow-up that bubble, reflecting the fundamental manner in which bankers “earn” their profits.

In the case of the (more-typical) stock market bubble-and-crash cycles, which we see these banksters perpetrate with nauseating regularity, they typically profit in a three-stage cycle:

1) Ride the (manipulated) market higher, through placing their own bets first, ahead of the Herd, and then taking their profits first (by selling) ahead of the Herd.

2) Crash/short the market, by suddenly swinging their own massive betting from “long” to “short”. This is the inevitable “whip-saw” effect, which (naïve) investors now see inflicted upon them almost exactly once every eight years. This whip-sawing not only repositions the banksters from long-to-short, it is also the real trigger/impetus for the crash itself – and not the “scapegoat event” (whatever it is) which is blamed publicly.

3) When the crash bottoms-out (along with prices), the banksters then re-enter the market, buying heavily on the long side, and then we’re right back to (1). Wash, rinse, and repeat.

When it comes to perpetrating a real estate bubble-and-crash cycle, the deliberate fraud at work in the market is similar, but with one key difference. Generally the banksters do not “ride the market” up themselves, for two reasons. First, it’s not necessary, since they find ample reward for themselves from Step #2: crashing the market, and foreclosing on millions of mortgage-holders, with themselves holding all of these mortgage IOU’s – and thus ending up with all the land, at minimal cost.

The second reason why the financial crime syndicate did not typically ride-up real estate bubbles (in the past) with their own bets/buying is simply cost. It takes a lot more scam capital to be a major holder of all real estate in any bubble-and-crash fraud than it does to be a major holder of all stock. But times have changed.

As readers were reminded in Part I; through the combination of (fraudulent) “0% interest rates”, and (even more-fraudulent) “fractional-reserve banking”, this financial crime syndicate now essentially has access to infinite/unlimited quantities of its (worthless) paper funny-money. Conservatively, these criminals have $100 trillion per year in new funny-money, for free.

Now ask yourself this question. If you wanted to create a real estate bubble which was bigger-and-badder (in every way) than any real estate bubble-and-crash cycle ever before, and you had infinite amounts of funny-money with which to play, wouldn’t you use a few of those excess $trillions to “seed” the bubble with your own money – and thus drive those bubbles even higher?

If you’re a psychopathic bankster; almost certainly the answer to that question would be “yes”. In Canada; this phantom-buying takes the form of the mythological “Asian buyers” who are (supposedly) flocking into Canada’s market (and other Western bubble-markets), and buying-up huge numbers of units in new housing developments – as so-called “absentee buyers”. And the propaganda is repeated again and again and again.

Move over, Canadians – Chinese buyers now No.1 buyers of U.S. Homes [Financial Post, June 2015]

Chines buyers are snatching up real estate, driving up prices in Japan [The Globe & Mail, July 2015]

Chinese buyers making mark on Vancouver’s luxury housing [The Globe & Mail, August 2015]

It’s now common in Canada’s major urban centers (and major bubble-markets) for absentee “Asian buyers” to be holding as many as half of all units in these ghost-town real estate developments. But let’s look at this mythology more closely.

According to the propaganda; Asians (primarily the Chinese) who still earn their money the “old-fashioned way” – by going to work and producing things – are traveling half-way around the world just so they can throw away vast quantities of their hard-earned renminbi, buying real estate in the most-overvalued markets in history. Makes perfect sense.

For those readers for whom the previous paragraph does not make “perfect sense”, try this on for size. The “absentee buyers” now soaking-up 1/3rd to ½ of all new, multi-family developments are not “Asians”, they are bankers. And they are doing their buying for two, strategic reasons – which are actually rational.

The obvious incentive for flooding Canada’s real estate market (and presumably other, Western markets) with their additional phantom-buying is to drive-up the bubble prices still higher. Taking mortgage rates as low as possible, and freezing them there wasn’t enough for the banksters in their bubble-blowing. Jacking-up inflation sky-high wasn’t enough for the banksters. So they introduced a third bubble-builder into these fraud markets, their own (massive) artificial demand.

The second motive for doing this is psychological, and thus more-cynical in nature. By creating the mythology of “Asian buyers”; they have created an artificial SECURITY BLANKET, around which the Chumps can wrap their minds.

No, our markets aren’t “overvalued” (let alone bubbles), because Asian buyers (over)value our land to the same insane degree we overvalue it, ourselves. No, our bubble-markets aren’t going to crash, because this Asian demand creates a permanent floor for real estate prices.

Armed with this artificial security blanket; Canadian Chumps continue to fearlessly leap into the bubble-markets of (in particular) Vancouver and Toronto and pay (at least) three times what this land is actually worth, with similar stories across most of the Western world. The perfect Chumps. The scam is complete.

By now, there is clearly a much more specific question going through the minds of readers, as they see the Great, Western Real Estate Swindle near its ultimate fruition. Who is the Puppet Master behind this massive swindle, which requires not only completely controlling our markets, but also completely controlling our governments and (pseudo)regulators?

In general terms, the question has already been answered: it is “the banking crime syndicate”. To get more specific; regular readers now know this financial crime syndicate as “the One Bank”. But to fully comprehend both the criminals and the crime requires going back in time, roughly 1 ¼ centuries: to The Bankers’ Manifesto of 1892.

This document was presented to the world (via the U.S. Congress) by former U.S. Congressman and career prosecutor, Charles Lindbergh Sr., the father of the “famed aviator” and the real hero in that family tree. Here is the secret which Lindbergh presented to the world more than a century ago, but was then buried in the phony Revisionism which the bankers call our “history”. It begins:

We must proceed with caution and guard every move, for the lower order of people [that would be us] are already showing signs of restless commotion. Prudence will therefore show a policy of apparently yielding to the popular will until our plans are so far consummated that we can declare our designs without fear of any organized resistance

That was the thinking of this crime syndicate more than 120 years ago. It continues:

Capital must protect itself in every possible manner through combination (conspiracy) and legislation. The courts must be called to our aid, debts must be collected, bonds and mortgages foreclosed as rapidly as possible.

When through the process of law, the common people have lost their homes they will be more tractable and easily governed through the influence of the strong arm of government applied to a central power of imperial wealth under the control of the leading financiers. People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders.

In these two paragraphs; we not only see how the One Bank has been scheming (for well over a century) to “steal your land” (all of it), we also see why the One Bank wants to steal all your land: it’s not a matter of “wealth”. With hoards which total in the $100’s of trillions ($quadrillions?) and the capacity to ‘invent’ as much new, funny-money as it wants – with nothing more than a mouse-click – its wealth is now immaterial. Indeed, the banksters couldn’t care less if they suffered 100% losses on their own $trillions in seed-money for these bubbles.

This is all about control. The One Bank wants to create a permanent fraud-empire of “imperial wealth under the control of the leading financiers”: itself. It is a goal toward which this crime syndicate has been “working” hard, for somewhere well in excess of a century.

Now readers have most of the Big Picture: how their land will be stolen, the entity responsible for this fiendish scheming, and (in relative terms) they know that this “big steal” is coming soon. But there are still loose-ends which remain to be examined – in greater detail.

In the conclusion of this three-part series; readers will see still greater specificity. They will see precisely when to expect the bubbles to crash (and why). They will get some additional clarification on the shadowy Oligarchs who comprise the One Bank. Lastly, they will see how the banksters can (and will) steal the land from even those homeowners without any mortgage upon which to “foreclose”.

**The opinions expressed in this article are not necessarily the opinions expressed by Sprott Money Limited, but entirely that of Bullion Bulls Canada. Any concerns with this article can be addressed directly with Bullion Bulls Canada.

Kevin 3 years ago at 4:07 PM
Thanks Jeff, but where is the evidence the banksters are purchasing homes in the lowermainland (VAN, BC,Canada) and not the Chinese?
I live on a street in White Rock BC with 4 Chinese vacant homes on it. I see the Chinese coming and going.
Also what is the minimum mortgage one should hold for a principle residence. Your saying none at all?
My strategy is to hold precious metals which hopefully inflate and wipe out the funny money debt away.
Thanks for your articles some of the best I have read !
Norm Wiedrick 3 years ago at 11:40 PM
All true,all 100% true,excellent expose. Perhaps a few more of us could
become enlightened.

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