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John Embry: This Will Bring Down The Entire Financial System - King World News

By admin 5 years ago 1144 Views No comments

Interview Excerpt:

“Now that the manipulation has reached such enormous levels, and it’s becoming apparent to more people that there is very little gold available in the system to back all of these paper claims, if people decide to move aggressively into gold this whole paper charade is going to blow sky-high. The implications of that are unbelievable.

It will bring down the entire financial system as we know it, but more importantly it will send the prices of gold and silver to levels that are unimaginable to anybody who is believing the current anti-gold propaganda. So there is enormous incentive to suppress the prices of the metals. But as you know better than anyone, Eric, the fact is this process is driving all of the existing gold in the West over into Eastern hands. And there is a finite time frame for this.

Every day I wonder, ‘Is there a deal between the East and the West so that we are permitting all of our Western gold to be taken by the East so they don’t collapse our paper markets?’ I don’t know, but the fact is I couldn’t be more bullish about the prices of physical gold and silver going forward.

My thesis is also reinforced because of the fact that the vast majority of the people believe the anti-gold propaganda and they are talking about the prices going dramatically lower. I don’t see that happening. The end of this cyclical correction is now upon us."

Read the rest of the article here

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