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New FED Chairman Janet Yellen to Accelerate QE

By admin 5 years ago 909 Views 3 comments


On Wednesday, President Obama announced the greatly anticipated replacement for FED Chairman Ben Bernanke. This announcement was likely lost on the public (if they care at all) due to the turmoil that has taken place in regards to the government shut-down.

How will this nomination affect the markets? Who is Janet Yellen? Is she hawkish, or is she Dovish? Well, let's put it this way. Janet Yellen’s appetite to print money will make Ben Bernanke look like he was on a hunger strike. She has spent her entire career being an ultra dove and isn't about to change now.

The status quo will continue. The easy money policy of the FED will go on and likely accelerate. According to precious metals expert Dr. Jim Willie, QE is not only here to stay, it will DOUBLE! Dr. Willie predicts:

“I don’t think the Fed is going to taper its bond buying. I believe they are going to double it.” Dr. Willie goes on to say, “The Fed will say let’s continue QE, and instead of suffocation from rising rates, we’ll have drowning from rising costs. . . . They are going for drowning because it’s slower.”

There are those who disagree and say that the nomination of Janet Yellen to FED chairman will be a return to responsibility. To those people, I believe Peter Schiff said it best:

"Any predictions that a Yellen-led Fed will somehow show more resolve towards responsibility in 2014 or 2015 should be looked at as delusional."

I couldn't agree more Peter.

Ask the Expert – James Turk (October 2013) | Sprott Money News 3 years ago at 10:14 PM
[...] The Fed recently announced that they won’t be tapering in the near future. This came as a shock to many in the broad investment community. But not so much for those in the [...]
J 3 years ago at 10:14 PM
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As Predicted Janet Yellen Comes Out Dovish | Sprott Money Blog 3 years ago at 10:14 PM
[...] Last Thursday, Janet Yellen, the soon to be Chairman of the Federal Reserve, gave her much-anticipated confirmation speech. If you watched the main stream media, it was clear that Wall Street was hanging on every word she had to say. Every nuance and slight change in tone were to be deciphered. Many held their breath in fear that Yellen would come off too harsh and give an indication of the dreaded tapering. Of course, none of this happened. Janet Yellen came out exactly as I previously predicted. Dovish. [...]

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