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Royal Canadian Mint Reports Highest Sales Ever

By admin 5 years ago 1069 Views 2 comments


The tale of two markets continues with paper and physical precious metals. One is easily manipulated and suppressed (the paper market). The other is driven by demand and cannot be denied. When looking for the true bull market in precious metals, you need not look any further than the overwhelming evidence that is provided by the physical market.

As we've previously discussed, the U.S Mint continues to post record numbers; demand is intense and is rivaling all-time highs. All this despite the suffering that precious metals have experienced over the last year.

Further evidence of the strength in the physical market can be seen in another mint, which recently released its revenue and profit figures for 2013. The results are significant.

The Royal Canadian Mint reported its highest revenue in history, bringing in a stunning $3.4 billion in revenue and pre-tax profits of $48 million in 2013.

Part of this record breaking profit was driven by the Royal Canadian Mint's ever growing numismatic collection, which is highly sought after by collectors worldwide. The real numbers, however,come in the form of its "bread and butter" products, the gold and silver Canadian Maple Leafs.

Gold Maple Leaf sales increased 47.7% to over 1.14 million ounces, while Silver Maple Leaf sales increased by 55.8% to 28.2 million ounces! These numbers beat the mint’s previous record set in 2011.

So let me ask you, does this sound like a market that people have given up on? Perhaps people need to stop focusing so much on the highly manipulated paper price, and start focusing more on the real market, the physical market.

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