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Russia and China are Ready for a Gold-Backed Currency

By admin 4 years ago 1120 Views No comments

In the latest episode of Ask the Expert, Geoff Rutherford of Sprott Money interviews a voice that has earned the respect of the precious metals community with his ground breaking revelations and deep analysis of the geopolitical markets, Jim Willie.

Jim Willie is a statistical analyst with 25 years experience in research and forecasting. He runs his website the Golden Jackass, dedicated to mega-forecasts related to the degradation and destruction of the global financial system, gold prices and more.

In this interview, Jim does what he does best and gives our listeners a clear view of the big picture. He ignores the noise of the day-to-day and paints a broad view of what is happening in the world, the direction it is taking us and the ramifications of these events.

Discussed is the geopolitical events unfolding in the Ukrainian crisis, the dwindling supply of precious metals and the ongoing manipulation that infects that market. Also discussed is the rise of a new gold-backed reserve currency to be issued by Russia and China.

Much of the information that Jim Willie reveals is accredited to his ever secret gold trader source. This is a figure that Mr. Willie has mentioned in the past on numerous occasions and has been the source of some startling information. Such as predicting the collapse of Lehman two months before it occurred and the now proven grand scale theft of allocated bullion accounts.

Please enjoy the latest episode of Ask the Expert with geopolitical and precious metals expert Jim Willie. This is one interview you won't want to miss.


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