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Silver Under $20 is NOT Sustainable!

By admin 5 years ago 921 Views 2 comments

The FED shocked the markets when they told the market of their upcoming taper. Ben Bernanke appears to want to end his tenure on a good note. Perhaps he simply doesn't want to go down in the history books as the one that lead the world’s economy into a total collapse and hyperinflation. For now, it appears that he has dodged that bullet and passed the legacy onto Janet Yellen.

The announcement has dealt another blow to the precious metals market. Fear not as Janet Yellen is likely to reverse this decision and add much, much more QE during the course of her tenure as FED head. Already the ramifications of the small taper are being felt. Interest rates have already spiked to 3%. A 52 week high! Perhaps the FED is losing control of the bond market.

As stated, the ramifications from the taper have been felt across the marketplace, including the precious metals market. As silver guru David Morgan informs listeners in his latest interview, the cost of production is now above the price of silver! This is simply NOT sustainable and will HAVE to be corrected. Listen to David's latest interview to learn more. Remember, something that is not sustainable, will not be sustained.

Chaplain Dave Sparks 3 years ago at 10:14 PM
Agreed. Further hammering of the PM markets is only possible as mined supplies of PMs are supplemented by supplies of the PMs transferring from "weak hands" to "strong hands". Once that is done, this "PM shorts bubble" will burst as there are no more supplies in weak hands while the strong hands (including central banks) keep accumulating PM assets.
Silver Under $20 is NOT Sustainable! | NNW.net – NNW.net – National News Wire 3 years ago at 10:14 PM
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