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Posts tagged 'Andrew Maguire'

Andrew Maguire: Gold Price Is Facing A Pending Reset - Craig Hemke (10/3/2017)

By Craig Hemke 2 years ago 42262 Views 1 comment

On Thursday, we finally had a chance to catch up again with Andrew Maguire. After making waves two weeks ago with his forecast of a pending "reset" in the price of gold, this podcast allowed Andy to go into greater detail regarding the condition of the physical versus paper markets and why he is so confident that a breakdown is inevitable and coming soon.

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Ask The Expert - Andrew Maguire - October 2016

By Craig Hemke 2 years ago 8292 Views

Andrew Maguire is an Independent London Metals Trader and Analyst, internationally renowned for his unique ability to read the precious metals market with the knowledge and experience gained over 35 years trading in financial and commodity markets

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May 13, 2016

By Craig Hemke 3 years ago 10037 Views

A special guest this week as metals trader Andrew Maguire joins the Weekly Wrap-up. Hear Andrew discuss the significance of some short-term price targets, the current global physical gold picture as well as the growing impact of the Shanghai price fixes.

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Ask The Expert - Andrew Maguire - April 27, 2015

By Geoffrey Rutherford 4 years ago 2651 Views

In this exclusive interview recorded on April 17th, 2015, Andew Maguire shares his views on precious metals, personal investments, the Shanghai Gold Exchange and more.

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Silver Expert: Jeffrey Christian Proves Illegal COMEX Price Setting - Bix Weir

By admin 5 years ago 1074 Views No comments

There has been a lot of discussion going around regarding Jeffrey Christian's speech during the Silver Summit in Spokane, WA. Despite attempting to discredit Andrew Maguire regarding price manipulation, had he inadvertently admitted to price setting? Bix Weir of The Road to Roota Letters released an open letter yesterday to the CFTC pointing out such illegal practices Mr. Christian describes.

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Andrew Maguire & Eric Sprott Refute Allegations, Discuss War In Gold - King World News

By admin 5 years ago 1754 Views No comments

Interview Excerpt:

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CFTC Announces it is Closing it's Silver Manipulation Investigation

By admin 5 years ago 1698 Views 6 comments

Should we be shocked that the CFTC is closing its silver manipulation investigation? Should we be shocked that they are going to take NO action against the silver manipulator JP Morgan, despite overwhelming evidence provided by Ted Butler, Andrew Maguire and two whistle blowers who previously worked for JP Morgan?

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Nothing But Buy Orders

By admin 6 years ago 865 Views No comments

Another week, another orchestrated take down in the price of gold and silver. The reaction to this price drop? Panic and sell? No, once again the reaction of the wholesalers in the gold and silver markets is to buy with both hands! As I've discusses before, the wholesalers have a stunningly accurate track record of being on the winning side of the precious metals market.

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The Secret World Of Gold

By admin 6 years ago 1047 Views 1 comment

Gold has been money for over 5000 years. It has seen religions come and go. It has seen empires rise and fail. It has played a key role in almost every major political event in our history. Is it any wonder then that gold has more than a few secrets?

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Gold and Silver Get Taken to the Woodshed

By admin 6 years ago 848 Views 5 comments

The title sums it up nicely. Gold and silver were over the last few trading days. On Monday 155 tons of paper gold contracts were SOLD. This of course doesn't even make sense and reeks of desperation. The question is who was desperate? Why did gold and silver take the biggest beating they have seen since the 1983 crash?

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