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Posts tagged 'BIS'

GATA: Those Who Deny Gold / Silver Manipulation Won’t Answer Basic Questions - Dave Kranzler (10/10/2017)

By Dave Kranzler 1 years ago 5956 Views No comments

Unfortunately, those who deny that gold/silver are manipulated have never offered any response to the direct proof that Central Banks intervene directly in gold trading. The article below presenting just the facts was published by GATA.

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Why Is The BIS Flooding The System With Gold? - Dave Kranzler (19/9/2017)

By Dave Kranzler 1 years ago 7583 Views 1 comment

When banks need cash liquidity, the Fed extends short term loans to the banks and receives Treasuries as collateral. QE can be seen as a multi-trillion dollar Permanent Repo operation that involved outright money printing.

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The BIS-network dupes the gold mining industry - Nico Simons

By Nico Simons - MoneyInsights.org 2 years ago 5115 Views 7 comments

In our paper from March 23, 2016 we concluded that JPM in cooperation with the BIS controls the dollar gold price by using their very dominant position in gold derivatives in the US Banking System. JPM held during 1999 – 2014 an average of 3.262 paper metric tons gold (derivatives) available for interventions on the development of the dollar gold price with the BIS as counterparty.

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