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Posts tagged 'COMEX gold'

What Is Mr. Palladium Telling Us? - Craig Hemke (04/12/2018)

By Craig Hemke 7 days ago 8959 Views 1 comment

Today we coin the term "Mr. Palladium", as this particular metal may be offering its own bit of foreshadowing

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Another Great Oxymoron: "LBMA Transparency"-Craig Hemke (20/11/2018)

By Craig Hemke 21 days ago 8634 Views 2 comments

Significant gold news was made when the London Bullion Market Association finally began its long-awaited disclosure of gold market size and trading volume.

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Another Gold Spec Short Squeeze Pending- Craig Hemke (14/11/2018)

By Craig Hemke 27 days ago 10134 Views 1 comment

It may not be enough to reverse the momentum or flip the downtrend, but another Spec short squeeze is coming.

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The Same Old COMEX Games- Craig Hemke (31/10/2018)

By Craig Hemke 1 month ago 6353 Views No comments

A small move in price enables The Banks to lay the shorts right back on.

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Another Failed Effort At Regulation - Craig Hemke (02/10/2018)

By Craig Hemke 2 months ago 8221 Views No comments

The fine and settlement with Scotia Bank is just the latest CFTC attempt to penalize key bullion banks for their efforts to manipulate the prices of COMEX gold and silver.

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What Do The Banks Know? - Craig Hemke (21/08/2018)

By Craig Hemke 4 months ago 11114 Views 1 comment

Are the Banks setting the stage for a wildly volatile second half of 2018?

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Bullish Data For COMEX Gold - Craig Hemke (13/08/2018)

By Craig Hemke 4 months ago 8152 Views No comments

CFTC-generated data for COMEX gold has reached levels normally considered extreme and bullish... but nothing about precious metals trading in the summer of 2018 is "normal".

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No Bottom in Gold until Trade War Ends - David Brady (08/08/2018)

By David Brady, CFA 4 months ago 32172 Views 1 comment

“The proof is in the pudding”. This means that if Gold continues to track movements in XAU/CNY, and USD/CNY in particular, then you have your answer. It’s self-evident, simple math.

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COMEX Gold and the Commitment of Traders Report - Craig Hemke (07/08/2018)

By Craig Hemke 4 months ago 5044 Views 1 comment

Last week, we focused upon signals that might betray a PBOC effort to manage a lower price for COMEX gold. This week, let's simply review the latest Commitment of Traders report on an absolute basis.

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Is It Finally Time For COMEX Gold To Rally? - Craig Hemke (03/07/2018)

By Craig Hemke 5 months ago 6613 Views No comments

It has been a painful start to the summer for gold traders and investors, particularly for yours truly.COMEX gold is tremendously "oversold" and due for a rally.

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