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Posts tagged 'currency devaluation'

Renminbi Devaluation Signals High Stress in China’s Economy - Jeff Nielson

By Jeff Nielson 3 years ago 1954 Views No comments

We rarely see China’s government act with stupidity or panic with respect to its economic management, unlike Western governments who only (re)act in stupidity and panic. Yet today China devalued the renminbi. Currency devaluation is a move of (apparent) panic and stupidity. So what’s up?

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Canada’s NEW Loonie Assassin - Bullion Bulls Canada

By Jeff Nielson 4 years ago 2242 Views 8 comments

With a gold standard; our currencies were units of value (real money). When we abolished the gold standard, and began borrowing these “fiat” currencies into existence; they were transformed into units of obligation (IOU’s of our governments). Now, with so-called quantitative easing; these scraps of paper are mere “units”. Where’s the value? There isn’t any.

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Eric Sprott: Reality Check - John Budden

By admin 6 years ago 1363 Views No comments

Article Excerpt:

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Currency Storm Clouds on Horizon… Take Shelter Now - Precious Metals Digest

By admin 6 years ago 1988 Views No comments

In October 1991, a dying tropical hurricane from Bermuda collided with a cold front from the Great Lakes, resulting in a "perfect storm" Nor'easter that caused extensive coastal damage, high seas, and destructive winds. With hurricane-force wind gusts were reported in New England, the storm roiled the ocean for days with waves up 31 meters. The crew of the fishing boat Andrea Gail was tragically lost along with six crew members, and becoming the subject of a best-selling book and movie. Today, another massive storm is looming on the horizon, not one of wind and water, but of currencies and devaluation.

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