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Posts tagged 'Fiat Money'

Russia Continues to Accumulate Gold, While China Prepares for a Major Announcement - Nathan McDonald

By Nathan McDonald 2 years ago 3586 Views 3 comments

Two such countries that are not waiting to see who the next President is are Russia and China, both of which are continuing to prepare themselves for the day when the U.S. dollar is supplanted and no longer the reserve currency of the world. This day, as many of our readers are well aware of, is inevitable.

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Switzerland and Norway Begin to Massively Accumulate Precious Metals Mining Shares - Nathan McDonald

By Nathan McDonald 2 years ago 18453 Views 5 comments

The two most recent examples of Western Central Banks moving into precious metals in a serious way are the Swiss and Norwegian Central Banks. Both are being reported to have printed close to $1 billion dollars of fiat money as of recently.

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Latest Victim of the Currency Wars, The Yuan - Nathan McDonald

By Nathan McDonald 3 years ago 1017 Views No comments

This was a bombshell to the markets overnight, the natural reaction is to try to sit back and decipher possible outcomes."

This statement came on the heels of a recent announcement by the Chinese Central Bank in which they made a shocking move to officially devalue the Yuan by almost 2 percent .

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The Rumors are True, ISIS to Launch a Hard Money Currency

By admin 4 years ago 837 Views 2 comments

An incredibly strange rumor began to surface last week, about the terrorist organization ISIS and their wishes to introduce a new gold and a silver backed currency. Many wondered whether this was just a fluff piece, or in fact it was real.

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Kim Kardashian and Fiat Money Have the Same Intrinsic Value

By admin 4 years ago 1202 Views No comments

Pop culture, for better or worse is here to stay. It is an unfortunate event that has unfolded and continues to be a plague on our culture. It has resulted in a segment of society, comparing themselves to false idols and images, whose lives are falsely glorified on TV and pictures are photo shopped to the point where a 500 pound troll would look glamorous.

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Massive 6.07 Pound Gold Nugget Found in California

By admin 4 years ago 725 Views 1 comment

The East Saves in Precious Metals, The West Saves in Fiat

By admin 4 years ago 870 Views 5 comments

Throughout history, citizens have worked and been rewarded for their labor in gold and silver. This form of savings carried on from generation to generation, as it was real and could not be diluted into infinity, such as the current system we now suffer under. The fiat money system.

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Collapse of the US Dollar and Hyperinflation is Just a Breath Away

By admin 4 years ago 1184 Views 3 comments

Americans standard of living currently depends on an ever growing Ponzi scheme. The US government debt levels continue to balloon year after year, and currently stand at a staggering $17.8 Trillion dollars. Soon to hit $18 Trillion.

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U.S. Debt Levels Continue to Soar Unchecked

By admin 4 years ago 1136 Views No comments

Western governments are out of control. National debt around the world is exploding, but none more so than that of the United States.

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Fiat Money is Destroying the Economy, Gold is the Cure

By admin 4 years ago 878 Views No comments

Central banks around the world continue their endless printing of fiat dollars. The proliferation of this "funny money" is the cause of our endless boom and bust cycle. A cycle in which the booms are becoming smaller and the busts are becoming system crippling.

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