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Posts tagged 'Free Markets'

Trudeau's Selfies Won't Cut It - Peter Diekmeyer (6/11/2017)

By Peter Diekmeyer 2 months ago 12951 Views 2 comments

The Canadian government systematically robs, discriminates against and impoverishes Canadian youth. The hard fact is that most are thus on their own. The sooner they realize it, the better.

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The End of Markets, Part I - Jeff Nielson (19/6/2017)

By Jeff Nielson 7 months ago 5077 Views 5 comments

We have “free markets”. This is what is crowed constantly by the vacuous parrots of the mainstream media. It’s a nice myth – for anyone lacking the knowledge to see through it. The reality is that in larger terms, we no longer have any markets at all.

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Indian Gold Smuggling Arrests Explode 750% Year Over Year

By admin 4 years ago 905 Views 1 comment

The pressure is mounting on the government of India to ease its draconian import restrictions that have been placed on gold. For some time, it appeared that the government was going to ease these restrictions and unleash the pent up demand that has been a result of these restrictions.

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