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Posts tagged 'Gary Christenson'

Falling Rocks in the Promised Land - Gary Christenson

By Gary Christenson 10 days ago 5766 Views No comments

Yes, traumatic market events (falling rocks) occur, even though markets are “managed,” statistics are manipulated, and politicians pretend to care about something besides their next election.

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Silver and NASDAQ Strength Will Reverse - Gary Christenson

By Gary Christenson 24 days ago 6394 Views No comments

Over thirty years prices have risen exponentially as the dollar has purchased progressively less. Conclusion: Prices rise exponentially and probably will continue to rise as long as governments increase debt and central banks devalue their currencies.

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Mile Markers on the Road to Ruin - Gary Christenson

By Gary Christenson 1 month ago 3649 Views No comments

We know much is currently wrong with our financial world. So how do we stop it?

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Silver: Train Leaving Station Soon! - Gary Christenson

By Gary Christenson 1 month ago 4889 Views No comments

Silver prices are rising along the bottom of a 20 year log scale trend channel. There are no guarantees in a manipulated paper market, such as COMEX silver, but it is possible that silver prices will collapse further, or more likely, move substantially higher, sooner rather than later.

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17 Reasons To Avoid Gold (Sarcasm Alert!) - Gary Christenson

By Gary Christenson 1 month ago 5915 Views No comments

Central bankers are managing paper currencies for the benefit of the people, not the financial and political elite. Consequently consumer prices are stable and there is no reason to own gold as protection from currency devaluations. Not.

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Debt is Financial Life? Nonsense! - Gary Christenson

By Gary Christenson 2 months ago 4368 Views No comments

The global economy thrives on debt and credit. We purchase essential products using debt/credit. The U.S. dollar bill is a debt of the Federal Reserve. All debt based assets have counter-party risk.

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Improvised Explosives in Markets - Gary Christenson

By Gary Christenson 2 months ago 6241 Views No comments

What happens when new currency is created with few limits by central banks and commercial banks? Answer: Far too much debt and currency are created.

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Titanic Parallel to the Federal Reserve - Gary Christenson

By Gary Christenson 2 months ago 4975 Views No comments

The U.S. dollar, euro, pound, yen and other fiat currencies backed by nothing but debt, confidence, faith, and official pronouncements are “living on borrowed time.”

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Death Valley Snowballs and Fiat Currencies - Gary Christenson

By Gary Christenson 3 months ago 7243 Views No comments

Fiat currencies, backed by credit and debt, survive longer than snowballs in Death Valley, but history shows all fiat currencies are inflated into worthlessness and eventually die.

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Russian Roulette, Central Banks, and Gold - Gary Christenson

By Gary Christenson 3 months ago 3578 Views No comments

Grab your ultra-reliable 357 magnum revolver and load the cylinder with six, not one, rounds of ammunition. Point the gun at your head if you are a member of the struggling middle-class. Imagine pulling the trigger and hoping.

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