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Posts tagged 'gold price'

Deutsche Fuels Silver - Keith Weiner

By Keith Weiner 2 years ago 1593 Views No comments

This week, the slow slide in the silver price resumed, going all week except during peak fear about the woes of Deutsche Bank. When it looked bleakest—and the potential size of the capital-eating fines was highest—there was a wicked little rally in the metals, spiking silver up from below $19.10 to $19.70 in a few hours. However, the price reversed just as fast, on news of a settlement with the US Department of Justice.

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Behind The Spot Price of Gold - Nico Simons

By Nico Simons 2 years ago 2892 Views 1 comment

Many people think that the price of gold for buyers and sellers is determined through the LMBA Gold Price Auction (formerly LBMA Gold Fix). This is not correct.

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Silver Rocket and Gold Moribund - Keith Weiner

By Keith Weiner 2 years ago 1714 Views No comments

The prices of both metals were down again this week. We would guess that it has something to do with the fact that everyone knows: higher rates are coming to the dollar. The yield on the 10-year Treasury closed the previous week at 1.762% and this week at 1.701%. It may not look like much, but this is a change of +1.7%.

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Does the Current Gold Price Justify the Big Gains in Gold Stocks?

By Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd. 2 years ago 2415 Views No comments

What a difference 7 months can make for the gold and silver industry. In early January, precious metals were unloved and showing no signs of snapping their multi-year bear market. Very few believed they still provided valuable diversification within a portfolio. At the time, gold was hovering around $1,050 an ounce and some companies were mining gold at a loss.

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The Great Silver Bubble - Keith Weiner

By Keith Weiner 2 years ago 1973 Views 1 comment

Is the Federal Reserve Note a suitable instrument with which to measure gold? Can one really use debased pennies—which aren’t even made of the base metal copper any more—to measure the value of gold? We don’t know. We just work here. Quick, buy some silver, we hear it’s going to $100!

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Gold Undervalued Due To Massive Stock Dilution & Debt - Steve St. Angelo

By Steve St. Angelo - SRSRoccoReport.com 3 years ago 2919 Views 1 comment

The market price of gold would be considerably higher if it wasn’t for the massive stock dilution and debt in the gold mining industry. Basically, the gold mining industry issued billions of new shares and debt to help replace production and to compensate for rising costs.

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A Tidal Wave of Gold Repatriations Could be Unleashed - Nathan McDonald

By Nathan McDonald 4 years ago 2144 Views No comments

November 26, 2014

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Rick Rule: “I Believe That Arithmetically, We’re Locked In A War That We Can’t Help But Win” (Sprott's Thoughts)

By Tekoa Da Silva 4 years ago 921 Views No comments

November 10th, 2014

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Gold Stocks: Time to Buy or Will They Get Worse? (Sprott's Thoughts)

By admin 4 years ago 1491 Views No comments

By Henry Bonner, Sprott Global

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Why Precious Metals Prices Can Never Rise - Jeff Nielson

By Jeff Nielson 4 years ago 3842 Views No comments

June 24, 2014

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