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Posts tagged 'Gold Reserves'

A Sign of Things to Come: China Increases "Official" Gold Reserves to 1,853 Metric Tonnes - Nathan McDonald (11/01/2019)

By Nathan McDonald 12 days ago 2449 Views 3 comments

The West has forced Russia & China into a partnership that threatens to overtake the West as the economic powerhouse of the world.

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The Rats and The Sinking Ship - Turd Ferguson

By Turd Ferguson 3 years ago 2342 Views No comments

Yes, what we are about to show you is simply a collection of anecdotal data points. Taken separately, perhaps they can all be written off and marginalized. Taken collectively, however...well, maybe there's something to consider here.

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Largest Ever Chinese Gold Reserve Found But There's Just One Problem - Nathan McDonald

By Nathan McDonald 3 years ago 2721 Views 2 comments

Gold is an incredibly rare, valuable and thus highly sought after asset. This is just as true today, despite what Western mainstream media would have you believe, as it has been for thousands of years.

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China's Secretive Gold Holdings May Soon Be Revealed to All

By admin 4 years ago 1053 Views 1 comment

Next month could usher in a new era for the gold market. Policy makers in China have been pushing hard in their attempts to get the Yuan included in the IMF's elite fiat currency basket, the SDR, also known as the Special Drawing Right.

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The Stealth Turkish Gold Standard

By admin 4 years ago 1098 Views No comments

There are a few typical gold buying countries that you often hear discussed when talking about the yellow metal. Most notably you hear of Russia, China and India. All of which have a vested interest in the gold and hold it in high esteem.

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Rumors that Russia is Selling its Gold Reserves Dispelled

By admin 4 years ago 1325 Views No comments

The Central Bank of India Can Kiss its 557 Tonnes of Gold Goodbye - Nathan McDonald

By Nathan McDonald 5 years ago 1158 Views No comments

July 8, 2014

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Evaporating Gold Reserves Signal Dying Sector - Jeff Nielson

By Jeff Nielson 5 years ago 2298 Views No comments

May 13, 2014

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Eric Sprott: Redemptions in the GLD are, oddly enough, Bullish for Gold - Markets At A Glance

By admin 6 years ago 1295 Views No comments

Article Excerpt:

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