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Posts tagged 'goldprices'

The Downside Case for Gold - David Brady, CFA (19/07/2018)

By David Brady, CFA 2 days ago 12045 Views No comments

Many traders have been complaining recently about the relentless fall in Gold—and rightfully so—seeing it lower every time they open their screens in the morning

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What’s Going On With Gold? Dave Kranzler (18/07/2018)

By Dave Kranzler 3 days ago 2677 Views No comments

If you want to own gold for the reasons to own gold, you have be play the long game.

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Has The PBOC Taken Control of The Gold "Market"? - Craig Hemke (10/07/2018)

By Craig Hemke 11 days ago 14313 Views 2 comments

Since the PBOC began to actively devalue the yuan versus the dollar four weeks ago, the price of COMEX gold has tracked the yuan nearly tick-for tick.

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How To Settle Down Your FOMO In Mining Stocks - Avi Gilburt (20/06/2018)

By Avi Gilburt 1 month ago 432 Views No comments

Back in 2011, when the metals were approaching their highs, most analysts were suggesting that investors keep buying gold as this would be their last opportunity before gold eclipses $2,000, never to look back again.

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US Majors Flush Out A Major Pivot Low and What’s Next - Chris Vermeulen (19/06/2018)

By Chris Vermeulen 1 month ago 710 Views No comments

Closing out a big week in the markets, we see the US markets rotating a bit lower after a number of news events. Some of these were very positive and others were negative.

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Setting The Worldwide SPOT Price of Gold: The Method - Nico Simons (18/06/2018)

By Nico Simons 1 month ago 515 Views No comments

The SPOT price of gold is set in a created opaque market organization with the central bank community in the lead creating 89 percent of the yearly total market volume through so called gold swaps.

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Ask The Expert- Doug Casey- June 2018

By Craig Hemke 1 month ago 5613 Views 1 comment

Doug Casey, founder of Casey Research, joins us to answer Sprott Money's questions on the global economy, the dollar, gold and the gold miners.

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The Volcano of Debt - Craig Hemke (11/06/2018)

By Craig Hemke 1 month ago 6974 Views 3 comments

As the critical U.S. government entitlement programs begin to falter, the only agreed-to solution from both sides will be debt monetization and currency creation from the Federal Reserve.

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Why $10,000 Gold Will Not Be What You Think- Avi Gilburt (07/06/2018)

By Avi Gilburt 1 month ago 2147 Views No comments

Back when gold was around $300 almost 20 years ago, many people were saying at that time that one would not want to live during a period of time when gold was at $1,000-2,000

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A Purrrfect Gold Price Setup! - Peter Degraaf (31/05/2018)

By Peter Degraaf 2 months ago 607 Views 1 comment

The green arrows point to ‘upside reversals’, developing after price dropped below the 50WMA

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