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The Ontario Government has legislated that all non-essential businesses MUST BE closed BY 12:01 am on March 25. The health and safety of our employees, clients and our community is our top priority. To do our part in slowing the spread of COVID-19, our staff are working remotely until further notice.

Furthermore, our carrier, UPS, has notified us that all shipments will not be insured and will not require a client’s signature upon delivery until further notice. Given the nature of our business, we are not willing to take that risk with your investments. As a result, we are temporarily suspending all shipments within Canada until UPS lifts these protocols.

Use e-mail for more expedient service.

Please be assured that your orders will be shipped to you as soon as we can. These are valuable investments you are making, and we want to make sure we send them in a safe, secured and insured manner. Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at 1-888-861-0775 or email us at sales@sprottmoney.com

Thanks for your patience and understanding in this difficult time.

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Posts tagged 'Hillary Clinton'

Donna Brazile Breaks the Dam of Silence, Confirms the DNC Primaries Were Rigged Against Bernie Sanders - Nathan McDonald (2/11/2017)

By Nathan McDonald 3 years ago 29954 Views 1 comment

Many of us suspected and many of us assumed during the 2016 Presidential elections that there was a lot of funny business going on, on both sides. This is typical in our current shambled state of politics around the Western world, where politicians can be bought so easily and cheaply.

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Preparing for the Reign of the First Widow - Stewart Dougherty (12/4/2017)

By Stewart Dougherty 3 years ago 11187 Views 1 comment

Trump’s capitulation has profound personal and financial implications for the citizens of the United States and the world.

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No Really, The Russians Hacked Us! - Dave Kranzler/Rory Hall

By Dave Kranzler/Rory Hall 4 years ago 4804 Views No comments

The truth is the enemy now. Rather than fearing Russia, the public should be looking for reasons to not live in fear of the U.S. Government.

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Megatrends 2020: What They Mean For Gold - Peter Diekmeyer

By Peter Diekmeyer 4 years ago 20666 Views No comments

The advent of a Trump administration provides an excellent opportunity to speculate on how some key trends may play out during the coming four years.

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Post-Election Mathematics - Gary Christenson

By Gary Christenson 4 years ago 5058 Views No comments

The U.S. Presidential election is over. One candidate won, one lost, but the mathematics did not change.

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Trump Gives Hillary a Get Out of Jail Free Card. Or Does He? - Nathan McDonald

By Nathan McDonald 4 years ago 20656 Views 3 comments

What people are missing is a strategic play that Trump has initiated and enacted. Trump has extended hardcore Hillary-supporting liberals an olive branch and offer of peace that he himself never actually possessed.

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Why We're Ungovernable: Glenn Greenwald Explains The Election - John Rubino

By John Rubino 4 years ago 6808 Views 1 comment

The world’s elites, because they live in a system created by themselves for themselves, tend to see events like Brexit and President Trump as aberrations rather than symptoms of a fatal disease. They’re wrong of course, and the great Glenn Greenwald has posted an essay that explains why.

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It Was The Devil vs. The Loch Ness Monster - Dave Kranzler

By Dave Kranzler 4 years ago 4630 Views No comments

The “Deplorables” came out and voted against HRC. They didn’t vote for Trump. They voted against the corrupt DC/Wall Street Establishment and against the Democratic National Committee criminal enterprise. The Dems could have put just about anyone else up against Trump and won.

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Do Gold & Silver Care Who Wins? - Dave Kranzler

By Dave Kranzler 4 years ago 5158 Views No comments

Short answer: No. A local financial advisor texted me today asking what I thought gold would do if Hillary wins today. Obviously he’s been reading the pedestrian analysis on the topic that has flooded the mainstream media. But gold doesn’t care who wins.

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The Wait is Over - The Time to End the Corruption is NOW! - Nathan McDonald

By Nathan McDonald 4 years ago 8895 Views 3 comments

It is finally here, after all the hate, all the madness, the final day of this historic election is upon us. Get out and vote! I say it again, get out and vote!

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Hillary Steals The Presidency While Atlas Shrugs - Dave Kranzler

By Dave Kranzler 4 years ago 5027 Views No comments

I have to say, the way in which Hillary Clinton’s criminal organization has gained complete control over the political and justice system and the media in this country is truly mind-blowing.

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With Only Six Days Remaining, Trump Surges in the Polls as Hillary Supporters Abandon Ship - Nathan McDonald

By Nathan McDonald 4 years ago 17868 Views 1 comment

This is simply not good for Hillary Clinton. With only six days remaining in this critical election, possibly the most important in modern times, Hillary is witnessing a complete and utter collapse in her support.

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Hillary Clinton Is Now Radioactive - Dave Kranzler/Rory Hall

By Dave Kranzler/Rory Hall 4 years ago 7282 Views No comments

Throughout recorded history, hubris has been the Achilles’ Heel of political despots. Hillary Clinton and her political crime machine has been operating above the law for decades, stretching back at least to when Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas.

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Hillary is Finished, This Exploding Google Trend Proves It: "Change Early Vote" - Nathan McDonald

By Nathan McDonald 4 years ago 71819 Views 16 comments

The corruption that has bubbled up to the surface can no longer be denied, not even by the Main Stream Media, which has up until this point been in the tank for Hillary. We are witnessing a full blown retreat of Democrats in the last stretch of this election cycle, as key supporters state that they can no longer vote for her.

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BOMBSHELL! FBI Reopens Their Investigation into Hillary Clinton with ONLY Eleven Days Remaining! - Nathan McDonald

By Nathan McDonald 4 years ago 9147 Views No comments

BOMBSHELL and I mean BOMBSHELL news has just been released by the FBI. James Comey, the director of the FBI, has just announced that they are re-opening the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton's 33,000 deleted emails.

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