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Posts tagged 'Jeff Nielson'

When the Tidal Wave Hits, Part IV - Jeff Nielson

By Jeff Nielson Yesterday 2012 Views No comments

It's too late to prevent the (primarily economic) tidal wave which is approaching us. Who created the tidal wave? What can we do to maximize our odds of surviving the tidal wave? Read on...

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When the Tidal Wave Hits, Part III - Jeff Nielson

By Jeff Nielson 10 days ago 3506 Views 2 comments

Principles are not like clothing, to be changed or removed whenever it suits us to do so. Principles are immutable just like rights are supposed to be immutable. Legal principles are the basis for all of our rights. Abandon those principles and the rights disappear. Our governments have abandoned all of our most important legal principles, and our rights have disappeared.

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When the Tidal Wave Hits, Part II - Jeff Nielson

By Jeff Nielson 17 days ago 2544 Views No comments

The first instalment of this series explained how and why an economic tidal wave is now approaching – an economic catastrophe for which there is no historical precedent. In this next instalment, readers will see how and why our nations have never been less-prepared to deal with any economic shock, let alone the worst shock in history.

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When The Tidal Wave Hits, Part I - Jeff Nielson

By Jeff Nielson 24 days ago 4712 Views 10 comments

We need to prepare for disaster. However, before we can prepare for disaster, we must be aware of the disaster which is approaching. Think: tidal wave.

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The NEW U.S. Economic Mythology - Jeff Nielson

By Jeff Nielson 1 month ago 3637 Views 2 comments

Are high oil prices “good for the economy”? Of course not. But that’s what we’re being told. We’re told that higher oil prices are good for us because there is “not enough inflation”. That’s also a lie. Why is the Corporate media now trying to pass off these two lies together? As a matter of fact, it’s to cover up even more lies.

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Gold, Liberty, and the War on Cash - Jeff Nielson

By Jeff Nielson 1 month ago 2690 Views No comments

According to Warren Buffett’s father, we are currently ruled by a collection of Hitlers and Stalins, and we are nothing more than their serfs. What do we do about it? Warren Buffett’s father had the answer to our economic salvation: gold.

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The West Will Become The New ‘Third World’: PricewaterhouseCoopers - Jeff Nielson

By Jeff Nielson 2 months ago 23682 Views 8 comments

We’re told that Western economies keep “recovering”. Yes, they recover and recover and recover some more, for more than eight years now. And if Western economies continue “recovering” like this, we now know where they will end up.

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Learning to Prosper in Silver - Jeff Nielson

By Jeff Nielson 2 months ago 4578 Views No comments

How high should the price of silver rise? 7,000% seems like a reasonable place to start. But before novice investors start dreaming of riches, you had better learn the fundamentals.

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Fourteen Years AFTER Bernanke Defined the U.S. Dollar as Worthless - Jeff Nielson

By Jeff Nielson 2 months ago 1685 Views No comments

The U.S. dollar is worthless. But don’t take my word for it…

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Republicans, Democrats, and Voodoo Economics - Jeff Nielson

By Jeff Nielson 2 months ago 1057 Views 6 comments

What do Republicans and Democrats have in common (the politicians and their supporters)? Each side will tell you that only their party has the savvy to competently manage the U.S. economy, and that the other party has never made a correct economic decision in living memory. Each side is half right.

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