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Posts tagged 'Jeff Thomas'

The Dynamics of a Riot - Jeff Thomas (28/7/2017)

By Jeff Thomas 6 months ago 4630 Views No comments

In my lifetime, I’ve had the misfortune of being present in two major natural disasters and one violent social crisis. Each taught me valuable lessons.

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Killing the Goose - Jeff Thomas (19/7/2017)

By Jeff Thomas 6 months ago 4120 Views No comments

In attempting to predict the future of America’s economy, we should not look to peripheral symptoms, but to fundamentals.

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The Second Half of the Pincer - Jeff Thomas (12/7/2017)

By Jeff Thomas 7 months ago 6292 Views No comments

For some time, I’ve been forewarning readers that, as the governments of the former “free” world unravel, they’ll introduce capital controls, both to continue to fund their failing policies and to limit the freedom of their citizenries.

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Where’s Your Loyalty? - Jeff Thomas (5/7/2017)

By Jeff Thomas 7 months ago 5900 Views 1 comment

But, is one flag superior to another? Is one land better than another (which would suggest that all those who feel their land is better are incorrect)?

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Dear Abby - Jeff Thomas (28/6/2017)

By Jeff Thomas 7 months ago 5900 Views No comments

It will be no secret to readers of this publication that some of the formally most-prominent, most-free jurisdictions in the world are now in a state of serious decline and face economic, social and possibly political collapse.

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An Empire Self-Destructs - Jeff Thomas (21/6/2017)

By Jeff Thomas 7 months ago 3815 Views No comments

Like other empires before it, the US is now on the verge of relinquishing the crown of empire. If there’s any difference this time around, it’s that its collapse will very likely be far more spectacular than that of previous empires.

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For Every Action, There Is an Equal and Opposite Reaction - Jeff Thomas (6/6/2017)

By Jeff Thomas 8 months ago 7270 Views No comments

These incidents represent power without accountability and have the support of the rulers, media and courts. But, how is it that they have become so pervasive? How are they even acceptable points of view? The answer lies in one word: education.

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The Escape from Collectivism - Jeff Thomas (18/5/2017)

By Jeff Thomas 8 months ago 4516 Views 1 comment

There are two forms of exit from collectivism. The first is national, the second is personal.

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When Might the Pillaging End? - Jeff Thomas (11/5/2017)

By Jeff Thomas 9 months ago 7129 Views No comments

At some point, however, debt always generates a major crash. "What could we expect next?" will be that the governments will no longer be able to pay for all of their programmes, so they'll have to cut back. How much will they cut back? That will depend on the severity of the collapse.

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Where Do You Go in a Hurricane? - Jeff Thomas (4/5/2017)

By Jeff Thomas 9 months ago 4874 Views No comments

The closer you are to an epicentre, the worse the damage promises to be to you personally. And the stronger the hurricane, the greater the damage.

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