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Posts tagged 'Keith Weiner'

What Can Kill a Useless Currency- Keith Weiner (29/10/2018)

By Keith Weiner 9 months ago 2311 Views No comments

It’s not a matter that people will “get woke”, there are several simple mechanisms that will lead to the death of a currency with negative interest

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Permanent Gold Backwardation- Keith Weiner (01/10/2018)

By Keith Weiner 10 months ago 2210 Views No comments

Gold is in permanent backwardation already, but not where you expect!

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Monetary Consequence of Tariffs - Keith Weiner (14/08/2018)

By Keith Weiner 11 months ago 847 Views No comments

Einstein never proposed a monetary theory of relativity.

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Monetary Paradigm Reset - Keith Weiner (07/08/2018)

By Keith Weiner 1 years ago 724 Views No comments

Most people are not stupid. The problem is that they are stuck in a false paradigm, which blinds them to the truth.

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Crying Wolf - Keith Weiner (25/07/2018)

By Keith Weiner 1 years ago 994 Views No comments

Sure, the world is going to end, but how much credibility remains for those who have predicted 17 of the last 0 ends of the world?

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A Path to Upgrade from Paper to Gold- Keith Weiner (16/07/2018)

By Keith Weiner 1 years ago 1217 Views No comments

A path to upgrade from paper to gold.

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Social Security Deterioration Report- Keith Weiner (18/06/2018)

By Keith Weiner 1 years ago 1079 Views No comments

Irredeemable currency causes pensions to fail. The Social Security Board of Trustees recently issued a troubling report

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The Bitcoin Effect, Gold and Silver Report - Keith Weiner (24/12/17)

By Keith Weiner 2 years ago 1253 Views No comments

Is Bitcoin or interest rates causing the falling gold price trend ?

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Cheering for Bitcoin, Gold and Silver Report 17 Dec 2017 - Keith Weiner (18/12/2017)

By Keith Weiner 2 years ago 1552 Views No comments

Bitcoin shows there is a mainstream audience of millions looking for an alternative to the Fed’s failing fiat currency, something no Fed apologist can ignore.

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Bitcoin Hyper-Deflation - Keith Weiner (14/12/2017)

By Keith Weiner 2 years ago 7329 Views No comments

Prices are in hyper-deflation, measured in bitcoin. Some bitcoiners argue jokingly bitcoin is the numeraire, but is gold the best measuring stick?

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