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Posts tagged 'Keith Weiner'

Falling Productivity of Debt - Keith Weiner (16/10/2017)

By Keith Weiner 6 months ago 5857 Views 1 comment

The multi-decade secular decline in America’s marginal productivity of debt (how much additional GDP is added for each newly-borrowed dollar) is unsustainable.

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Stocks Up and Yields Down - Keith Weiner (10/10/2017)

By Keith Weiner 6 months ago 5437 Views No comments

Falling company earnings and dividend yield and rising debt will create a problem for shareholders. But for now, investors don’t see much downside, only upside.

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Is That a Feature or a Bug? - Keith Weiner (2/10/2017)

By Keith Weiner 7 months ago 5676 Views No comments

Bitcoin's ecosystem has features that seem tailored for criminal activity. While law enforcement respond slowly, they are as relentless as a steamroller.

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Is Bitcoin a Commodity? - Keith Weiner (25/9/2017)

By Keith Weiner 7 months ago 14384 Views No comments

One can only refuse to grant credit by hoarding physical commodities, as everything else relies on trust. Is Bitcoin a hoardable commodity?

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Bitcoin is Precise But Not Accurate - Keith Weiner (19/9/2017)

By Keith Weiner 7 months ago 6420 Views No comments

Bitcoin has a precise ledger and formulas for mining rewards, but it's based on inaccurate economic theories.

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Tragedy of the Speculations - Keith Weiner (11/9/2017)

By Keith Weiner 7 months ago 7202 Views No comments

The Fed has us in a giant Skinner Box, programming us via falling interest to seek speculative gains, salivating like Pavlov’s Dogs at each rise in asset prices.

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The Forking Paradise - Keith Weiner (5/9/2017)

By Keith Weiner 8 months ago 12331 Views No comments

The fact that bitcoin cash is worth $9.4 billion creates a powerful perverse incentive for a cartel to fork bitcoin on purpose.

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Hidden Forces of Economics - Keith Weiner (28/8/2017)

By Keith Weiner 8 months ago 4535 Views No comments

If Keynes was alive today, he’d likely say not one man in a million would realize that bitcoin is the conversion of one person’s wealth into another’s income.

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​Bad Ideas About Money, Bitcoin, and Gold Report (21/8/2017)

By Keith Weiner 8 months ago 5274 Views No comments

Most false or irrational ideas about money are not new. For example, take the idea that government can just fix the price of one monetary asset against another.

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Bitcoin Has No Yield, but Gold Does (15/8/2017)

By Keith Weiner 8 months ago 3664 Views No comments

Last week I said: It is commonly accepted to say the dollar is “printed”, but we can see from this line of thinking it is really borrowed. There is a real borrower on the other side of the transaction, and that borrower has powerful motivations to keep paying to service the debt.

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