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The Ontario Government has legislated that all non-essential businesses MUST BE closed BY 12:01 am on March 25. The health and safety of our employees, clients and our community is our top priority. To do our part in slowing the spread of COVID-19, our staff are working remotely until further notice.

Furthermore, our carrier, UPS, has notified us that all shipments will not be insured and will not require a client’s signature upon delivery until further notice. Given the nature of our business, we are not willing to take that risk with your investments. As a result, we are temporarily suspending all shipments within Canada until UPS lifts these protocols.

Use e-mail for more expedient service.

Please be assured that your orders will be shipped to you as soon as we can. These are valuable investments you are making, and we want to make sure we send them in a safe, secured and insured manner. Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at 1-888-861-0775 or email us at sales@sprottmoney.com

Thanks for your patience and understanding in this difficult time.

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Posts tagged '#KeithWeiner'

Backwardation, the Bank of England, and Falling Prices - Keith Weiner (28/03/2018)

By Keith Weiner 2 years ago 9022 Views No comments

Backwardation indicates physical shortages and is associated with rising prices. So why did the gold price fall from 2013 to 2016 when GOFO was negative?

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Slaves to Government Debt Paper - Keith Weiner (26/03/2018)

By Keith Weiner 2 years ago 8121 Views 1 comment

Investors cannot escape from bondage to the Federal Reserve and government debt paper until they stop thinking of the dollar as “Money” with a capital M.

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Standing Ready to Lease Gold - Keith Weiner (19/03/2018)

By Keith Weiner 2 years ago 9921 Views No comments

Greenspan’s “central banks stand ready to lease gold in increasing quantities should the price rise” is not about price suppression but about backwardation suppression.

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Super-Duper-Irrational Exuberance - Keith Weiner (13/03/2018)

By Keith Weiner 2 years ago 10912 Views No comments

By lowering yields central banks create super-duper-irrational exuberance, force-feeding companies more capital than they need. The result? Capital destruction.

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Gold is a Giant Ouija Board - Keith Weiner (26/02/2018)

By Keith Weiner 2 years ago 20076 Views No comments

Gold’s trading action is like a giant Ouija Board, with each group of traders having a thumb on it. Why does the price “planchette” move as it does? This is the dynamic we study.

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Irredeemable Currency De-tooths Savers - Keith Weiner (20/02/2018)

By Keith Weiner 2 years ago 12000 Views No comments

An irredeemable currency system traps dollars like cattle in a pen and disenfranchises savers: even if dollar holders get out by buying gold, the dollars remain.

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Take It To The Bank: Interest Rates Won't Rise - Keith Weiner (12/02/2018)

By Keith Weiner 2 years ago 26775 Views No comments

There is a consensus, from Fed propagandists to the gold bugs and everyone in between. Everyone thinks that rates are rising. We say interest rates won't rise.

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The Fed’s Passive Aggressive Play - Keith Weiner (05/02/2018)

By Keith Weiner 2 years ago 15115 Views No comments

People are asking: are interest rates in a rising cycle? We say the Fed’s timid little rate-hiking adventure is nothing more than a passive aggressive play.

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Shut Down Shoddy Debt - Keith Weiner (22/01/2018)

By Keith Weiner 2 years ago 14920 Views No comments

Government borrows in bad faith as it has no means or intent to repay. Yet people mistakenly believe the government’s bad debt paper is good money.If the president, Treasury Secretary, and Congress borrow without means of repaying then this borrowing is in bad faith. They clearly lack any intent to repay.

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Speculating Our Way to Prosperity - Keith Weiner (16/01/2018)

By Keith Weiner 2 years ago 16935 Views No comments

What is the solution to a mad centrally banked world that thinks a whole society can speculate its way to prosperity, while really only enriching a few?

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Quantum Change in Gold Demand Continues - Keith Weiner (08/01/2018)

By Keith Weiner 2 years ago 16012 Views No comments

Wall Street sees a robust economy. We see a classic rising-risk-asset, borrow-to-spend, drive up GDP while it lasts boom: but we’re just eating our seed corn.

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Quantum Change in Gold and Silver Demand - Keith Weiner (02/01/2018)

By Keith Weiner 2 years ago 14966 Views No comments

Something unusual happened in both the gold and silver markets on Thursday, and we are not referring to prices but the spread between spot and futures prices.

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