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Posts tagged 'larisa sprott'

In Gold (and Silver) I Trust … Everything Else I Verify - Larisa Sprott (10/09/2019)

By Larisa Sprott 1 month ago 218124 Views 2 comments

Gold prices, which recently hit new highs in Canadian dollars, have boosted investor interest. Silver prices are also starting to bounce back. Declining trust in politicians, media, and big banks is a key reason.

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The Least Crowded Trade In Investing: Think Long - Larisa Sprott (02/07/2019)

By Larisa Sprott 4 months ago 485893 Views 4 comments

Gold buyers know something that you might not: It pays to think both short- and long-term.

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Numismatics 101: The Art of Rare Coin Collecting – Larisa Sprott

By Larisa Sprott 3 years ago 14483 Views

I was not a numismatist before Sprott Money Ltd. started working with the Royal Canadian Mint. In January of 2016, our friends at the RCM offered us the chance to join their Numismatics program and gain access to the dozens of uniquely designed silver and gold coins. Ever since, we have found a growing interest from our current clients and newcomers to our site as we promote the new coins of the month.

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Why Private Storage Is the Best Way to Store Precious Metals – Larisa Sprott

By Larisa Sprott 3 years ago 14954 Views

Until I started working in the precious metals industry, metals storage always conjured up images of an old man sleeping on his stacks of gold and silver hidden under his mattress or burying his assets in his backyard. I also thought that big secure vaults like we see in the movies were only for the uber-wealthy. However, as I have come to learn, everyday investors have much better ways to protect their assets – private storage, which is accessible to us all.

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A Passion for Precious Metals – Larisa Sprott

By Larisa Sprott 3 years ago 53733 Views

In February 2010, my father asked me to take over what was a tiny and struggling company of only two people and run it. And despite my misgivings, I did, and the world of precious metals soon became one of my passions.

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