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Posts tagged 'Libertarianism'

Why Socialism is Here to Stay - Jeff Thomas

By Jeff Thomas 3 years ago 8535 Views No comments

“[T]he government has to take resources from someone before it can dole them out to others. This act of taking destroys an economy. The more you take from the productive members of society, the less productive they become. That’s the primary lesson of the history of socialism.”

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Growing Movement for Brexit Has the Elites Shaking in Their Boots - Nathan McDonald

By Nathan McDonald 4 years ago 122590 Views 5 comments

A wave of fear and doubt is being spread by the mainstream media and establishment politicians around the Western world. Their goal is to keep the status quo going, no matter the cost to freedom or economic prosperity. They fear the will of the British people and sense their growing desire to strike out once again on their own. I am of course talking about the upcoming "Brexit" vote that is looming just over the horizon.

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