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Posts tagged 'mining'

A Bumper Under That Silver Elevator - Keith Weiner (15/5/2017)

By Keith Weiner 1 years ago 5329 Views No comments

If you can believe the screaming headline, one of the gurus behind one of the gold newsletters is going all-in to gold, buying a million dollars of mining shares. If (1) gold is set to explode to the upside, and (2) mining shares are geared to the gold price, then he stands to get seriously rich(er).

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No, The Junior Mining Stocks Are Not About To Implode - Dave Kranzler (24/4/2017)

By Dave Kranzler 2 years ago 6898 Views No comments

I get suspicious about an article when the author repeatedly, with much bravado, makes the claim the he is laying out facts and challenges anyone to present challenges to those “facts.” Typically that style of writing belies a conspicuous absence of facts.

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Focused on Value - Sprott U.S. Media (30/3/2017)

By Sprott U.S. Media 2 years ago 9147 Views

If millions of ounces of reserves exist, I don't care who you are, that's value - Whitney George

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How to Profit in a Sideways Market - Steve Todoruk (22/3/2017)

By Steve Todoruk 2 years ago 3416 Views No comments

Nevertheless, there is a class of mining company that can deliver profits even in a sideways market. I refer to these collectively as “new discovery” types of mineral exploration companies.

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Frank Holmes: The FED Holds Gold Because They Don’t Trust Currencies - Maurice Jackson (27/1/2017)

By Maurice Jackson 2 years ago 1564 Views No comments

Frank Holmes the CEO & CIO of U.S. Global Investors sits down with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable to discuss gold, mining, and more.

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Bill Holter: Money, Currency, and You - Maurice Jackson (18/1/2017)

By Maurice Jackson 2 years ago 931 Views No comments

Bill Holter, of jsmineset.com sits down with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable to discuss why owning physical precious metals is paramount not just for investors, but citizens as a whole.

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Mickey Fulp: Contrarian Plays, Geopolitics, and You - Maurice Jackson

By Maurice Jackson 2 years ago 1063 Views No comments

Mickey Fulp the Mercenary Geologist, sits down with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable to discuss his views on the FED, Interest Rates, the economy, oil, copper, uranium, demonetization, and the merits of precious metals.

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A Lion in Fiji: Berukoff Touts Buried Gold, Out of Country - Peter Diekmeyer

By Peter Diekmeyer 2 years ago 5927 Views No comments

Despite recent pullbacks, junior miners, like Lion One Metals, have made big gains this year. Many provide surprising diversification characteristics and upside leverage to metal prices.

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Miners: The Paper Precious Metals Investment - Jeff Nielson

By Jeff Nielson 2 years ago 2484 Views No comments

Gold and silver are the most-undervalued asset classes. Regular readers have heard this many times in the past. It’s a refrain which may entice many into holding all of their investments in this sector. However, putting 100% of one’s wealth into physical bullion is a concentration in one form which is a little too extreme for most people. The answer? Diversify within the sector.

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