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Posts tagged 'Nathan McDonald'

2020 Elections Forecast: Get Ready for Extreme Violence and Chaos - Nathan McDonald (06/12/2018)

By Nathan McDonald 6 days ago 1534 Views No comments

The Democrats and the Republicans are both positioning themselves for the next leg of the race, in the never ending cycle of political jockeying.

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The Complete Disarray of US Politics: What Goes Around, Comes Around - Nathan McDonald (30/11/2018)

By Nathan McDonald 12 days ago 6574 Views 2 comments

As we have seen since President Trump took office, the Democratic party has used every trick in the book, attempting to bog down his administration

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Venezuela is Painfully Reminded of the Golden Rule- Nathan McDonald (09/11/2018)

By Nathan McDonald 1 month ago 16925 Views No comments

He who holds the gold, makes the rules.

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Will the Federal Reserve be Used to Take Down President Trump? Nathan McDonald (31/10/2018)

By Nathan McDonald 1 month ago 2274 Views No comments

Recently, we witnessed the single largest one day drop for the DOW, ever in history.

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The Flight to Safety Accelerates, Hungary Increases Gold Holdings Ten Fold - Nathan McDonald (26/10/2018)

By Nathan McDonald 2 months ago 2965 Views No comments

The times are growing more and more uncertain as trade wars erupt and as the old global powers are seemingly losing control with each passing day.

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Greece, Extending and Pretending for Eight Years Strong - Nathan McDonald (04/10/2018)

By Nathan McDonald 2 months ago 4457 Views No comments

It seems like just yesterday, in which the World was nervously biting their nails, as they watched the Greece credit crisis unfold, with one disaster after the other following in rapid succession.

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The Market Falls Into Complacency As Another Jobs Report Beats Expectations -Nathan McDonald (07/09/2018)

By Nathan McDonald 3 months ago 1126 Views No comments

Businesses continue to not only hire additional workers, but are in fact increasing their wages at levels not seen since 2009.

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The Federal Reserve Puts on an Epic Display of Jawboning, Causing Stocks to Soar Higher - Nathan McDonald (30/08/2018)

By Nathan McDonald 3 months ago 1012 Views No comments

Another infamous Jackson Hole meeting,in which the FED puts on a grand display of epic jawboning has once again come and gone.

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Russia Buys Gold Hand Over Fist, As the United States Tears Itself Apart - Nathan McDonald (23/08/2018)

By Nathan McDonald 4 months ago 1600 Views 1 comment

Despite gold's sluggish trading pattern over the last few years, you can clearly see just how catastrophic of a move this was, and just how foolish Western Central bankers were, and still are today.

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The West Continues to Rot at the Core as it Obsesses Over the Short-term - Nathan McDonald (17/08/2018)

By Nathan McDonald 4 months ago 1184 Views 2 comments

The stock market, by and large, is a farce.

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