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Posts tagged 'Nathan McDonald'

A Great Upheaval Approaches as the MSM Continues to Pit the Left Against the Right - Nathan McDonald (08/01/2018)

By Nathan McDonald 8 days ago 5417 Views No comments

For better or worse, this is the path we are on now. America is moving in a direction that is seeing it focus more and more on itself, becoming ever more insular. For those that believe in globalism, this is a scary thought.

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Massive Changes are Coming in 2018; Ignore the Facts if You Wish - Nathan McDonald (03/01/2018)

By Nathan McDonald 13 days ago 5547 Views No comments

Foolishly, investors try time and again to ignore reality and invest purely based on their emotions—which, in the end, often results in massive losses as herd mentality overtakes common sense and facts fall by the wayside.

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Prominent Names Within the Crypto Space Cash Out Their Positions - Nathan McDonald (21/12/2017)

By Nathan McDonald 26 days ago 6548 Views No comments

In the beginning, the Bitcoin community was all about helping each other grow and prosper. It had its own micro-economies, and because of this, it boomed.

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Bitcoin Proves You Cannot Have Your Digital Cake and Eat it Too - Nathan McDonald (15/12/2017)

By Nathan McDonald 1 month ago 8037 Views 4 comments

Today we are going to take a trip down memory lane and rewind back to the year 2012 - the year in which I discovered Bitcoin and registered an account on the now famous Bitcoin Talk public forums.

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Precious Metals Experience a Sharp Decline in Demand as Bitcoin Continues to Steal The Show - Nathan McDonald (8/12/2017)

By Nathan McDonald 1 month ago 8314 Views No comments

What is happening is simple. Bitcoin is stealing the show.

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Bitcoin Rockets Higher, then Crashes Lower, Then Repeats - Nathan McDonald (30/11/2017)

By Nathan McDonald 2 months ago 3531 Views 2 comments

The Bitcoin markets are in utter turmoil at the moment - the cryptocurrency that has become the envy of all speculative assets, possibly one of the greatest in modern history, is experiencing extreme volatility.

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A Golden Opportunity in 2018 Awaits as Distrust in Our Fiat Based System Accelerates - Nathan McDonald (24/11/2017)

By Nathan McDonald 2 months ago 8651 Views 2 comments

Any hiccup, any crash, any disturbance within the crypto space that causes this trend to reverse is going to cause a massive amount of funds to move back into the precious metals space, as people take a portion of their phenomenal gains and park it in an asset class that they believe to be a safe space, i.e. gold and silver.

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India's Continued War on Gold Causes a Monstrous Increase in Silver Imports (17/11/2017)

By Nathan McDonald 2 months ago 10228 Views No comments

For anyone that has followed my writing for some period of time, you will remember the series that I wrote, which broke down India's war on gold and how it was going to fail in its goal - and fail spectacularly it did.

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A Direct Threat to the West, the Bond Between China and Russia Strengthens - Nathan McDonald (10/11/2017)

By Nathan McDonald 2 months ago 9980 Views No comments

Will this happen next week, next month, or even next year? This is highly unlikely, but what is most certainty assured, is the slow decline of the West's power and its geopolitical influence over the rest of the World.

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Donna Brazile Breaks the Dam of Silence, Confirms the DNC Primaries Were Rigged Against Bernie Sanders - Nathan McDonald (2/11/2017)

By Nathan McDonald 2 months ago 14139 Views 1 comment

Many of us suspected and many of us assumed during the 2016 Presidential elections that there was a lot of funny business going on, on both sides. This is typical in our current shambled state of politics around the Western world, where politicians can be bought so easily and cheaply.

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