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Posts tagged 'Nico Simons'

The LBMA Is A Ploy of the Central Bank Community - Nico Simons (22/8/2017)

By Nico Simons 1 years ago 9549 Views No comments

This article is about the way the Central Bank Community manipulates the price of gold and the role of the LBMA within. We describe some of the signs that the Central Bank Community manipulate the price of gold and that they are using the LBMA to reach their goal.

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The IMF overlooked more than 3.000 ton gold from 2009 till 2015 (21/8/2017)

By Nico Simons 1 years ago 6405 Views No comments

In their annual report 2015 the IMF stated that the world official holdings in gold are 30.506 ton ( 980.800.000 ounces ) as per 2009.

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Gold & The CIA Go Back A Long Time - Nico Simons (15/6/2017)

By Nico Simons 1 years ago 14523 Views 1 comment

Is the CIA involved with the world gold market? The short answer is yes.

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The Targeted Lifetime of the US Dollar is 35 Years - Nico Simons (24/3/2017)

By Nico Simons 2 years ago 15496 Views 10 comments

So the consequence of the targeted inflation is that the lifetime of the most dominant world currencies ends after 35 years, if the target is realized.

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Gold Price Intervention Circuit Diagram and Determinants Intervention Policy - Nico Simons

By Nico Simons 2 years ago 1805 Views No comments

This is an article about abuses in the gold market. It is meant to be for readers, who are well informed and interested in the gold market and monetary items, such as student (central) bankers, politicians, financial analysts, supervisors, etc.

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Behind The Spot Price of Gold - Nico Simons

By Nico Simons 2 years ago 2884 Views 1 comment

Many people think that the price of gold for buyers and sellers is determined through the LMBA Gold Price Auction (formerly LBMA Gold Fix). This is not correct.

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Don’t Be Fooled: The US Is Facing A National Debt Crisis - Nico Simons

By Nico Simons 2 years ago 2865 Views No comments

As of December 17th, 2015, the US national debt is $18,796 billion, equal to 105% of GDP. So, the debt is more than the US produces in a whole year.

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Don’t Be Fooled: The SDR Is Designed As A Rescue Operation For The US Dollar - Nico Simons

By Nico Simons 2 years ago 2183 Views No comments

From the 1960s, there was a widespread concern of the sustainability of the Bretton Woods system of using national currencies as reserve assets. This was most closely associated with the Triffin dilemma, which predicted a loss of confidence in the gold value of the U.S. dollar as the value of liquid claims on the United States in the form of dollar foreign exchange reserves increased. Triffin argued for the need to choose the rate of global reserve growth collectively rather than allow it to be a by-product of national decisions.

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The BIS-network dupes the gold mining industry - Nico Simons

By Nico Simons - MoneyInsights.org 2 years ago 5100 Views 7 comments

In our paper from March 23, 2016 we concluded that JPM in cooperation with the BIS controls the dollar gold price by using their very dominant position in gold derivatives in the US Banking System. JPM held during 1999 – 2014 an average of 3.262 paper metric tons gold (derivatives) available for interventions on the development of the dollar gold price with the BIS as counterparty.

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The BIS network keeps a “lid on the dollar gold price” - Nico Simons

By Nico Simons 3 years ago 3722 Views No comments

This paper is a follow-up on “Is the dollar gold price controlled by JP Morgan [JPM] in cooperation with the Banks of International Settlements [BIS]?” dated March 22, 2016. We explain that JPM and the BIS are operating agents for the BIS network to maintain the confidence in the dollar and therefore manipulate the dollar gold price. Furthermore we found a strong correlation between the gold price and the international reserves. In fact there is a variable gold standard on the so called free market. We continue with the artificial price drop in 2013 and the possible following dishoarding by private holders. At last we describe some public striking issues regarding the BIS network.

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