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Posts tagged 'One Bank'

How Iceland Escaped From The One Bank - Jeff Nielson

By Jeff Nielson 3 years ago 5201 Views 5 comments

Following the Crash of ’08, almost every Western government succumbed to the euphemism of crime known as “too big to fail.” Ten of trillions of dollars in extortion payments were pledged to the financial crime syndicate known as the One Bank. To (supposedly) pay for these extortion payments, these corrupt regimes began the suicidal insanity of Austerity – cannibalizing their own economies. But one nation refused to cave in to this blackmail, suicide, and debt slavery…

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U.S. Retail Sales Fall, Again; The Next Crash Is Near - Jeff Nielson

By Jeff Nielson 4 years ago 5806 Views 4 comments

Adjust the “retail sales” of the U.S. economy for inflation, and we see this important statistic falling every year, and nearly every month – cumulatively. This would be terrible news for any economy. For a consumer economy (like the United States); it is nothing less than the epitaph on its gravestone.

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How The BRICS Bank And AIIB Made Grexit (And Frexit?) Possible - Jeff Nielson

By Jeff Nielson 4 years ago 4309 Views 1 comment

“Grexit” (Greece’s exit from the EU) looms before us, with increasing certainty. But, obviously, to make “an exit”, one must have somewhere to go. One year ago, financially; Greece would have had nowhere to go, if it chose to leave the European Union. Today, we have the BRICS Bank and the AIIB; now Greece can choose Grexit.

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The Kamikaze Lemmings - Bullion Bulls Canada

By Bullion Bulls Canada 4 years ago 1479 Views No comments

If something fails; do more of it. If something fails in horrific/spectacular fashion; do much more of it. This is how the Kamikaze Lemming choose to live their lives. We elect the corrupt/incompetent regimes (again and again) who not only choose to commit our economies (and societies) to obvious suicide, but who choose to perpetrate our suicide at an ever-increasing rate.

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The One Bank, Revisited - Jeff Nielson

By Jeff Nielson 4 years ago 49001 Views 14 comments

Approximately two years ago; a commentary was published entitled “The One Bank”. The empirical foundation for the article (and the paradigm) was an extensive computer model, produced by a trio of academics at a university in Switzerland, and originally reviewed in an article from Forbes.

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Fed Rate-Hike To Trigger ‘Next Crash’ In 2016? - Bullion Bulls Canada

By Jeff Nielson 4 years ago 2440 Views No comments

Over the first half of this year; several trends (and schemes) have seemed to emerge, as the One Bank herds the West (and most of the Rest of the World?) towards another mass-shearing. Indeed, now that “bail-ins” have been rubber-stamped by all Western governments as the newest way for the banksters to steal/confiscate wealth; it appears we are heading for a final plundering of these bankrupt Western regimes, which lack the solvency to withstand another, dramatic financial shock.

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Bail-Ins and Bank-Runs: The Coming Threat - Bullion Bulls Canada

By Jeff Nielson 4 years ago 2520 Views 1 comment

India’s Gold Market Becoming ‘Westernized’ (Fraudulent)? - Bullion Bulls Canada

By Jeff Nielson 4 years ago 1950 Views No comments

The Multi-Quadrillion Dollar "0% Interest' Scam - Bullion Bulls Canada

By Jeff Nielson 4 years ago 3735 Views No comments

Greece Says ‘No’ To Fake Bail-Outs - Jeff Nielsen

By Jeff Nielson 4 years ago 5103 Views 8 comments

February 4th, 2015

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