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Posts tagged '#peterdiekmeyer'

Conrad Black Comes Out in Favor of a (Partial) Gold Standard - Peter Diekmeyer (28/05/2019)

By Peter Diekmeyer 9 months ago 15229 Views 3 comments

If Canada wants to be big, it has to think big and stop being a witless mimic of New York.”

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Gold and the Economist magazine’s Misesian calculation problem - Peter Diekmeyer (09/10/2018)

By Peter Diekmeyer 1 years ago 10926 Views No comments

Steve Bannon’s public spanking of the Economist magazine’s editor Zanny Minton Beddoes has significantly boosted Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election chances. The longer-term implications are more ominous.

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Time to ditch CNBC and get Real (Vision) - Peter Diekmeyer (21/08/2018)

By Peter Diekmeyer 2 years ago 4721 Views 2 comments

CNBC viewers saw their equity portfolios tank by nearly half twice during the past two decades. Could it happen again?

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Is Canada ready for a female-run central bank? - Peter Diekmeyer (28/02/2018)

By Peter Diekmeyer 2 years ago 20270 Views No comments

Women economists are more likely to favor high minimum wages, regulation and redistribution.

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