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Posts tagged 'Rory Hall'

Amazon, Gold and Economic Collapse - Rory Hall/Dave Kranzler

By Rory Hall/Dave Kranzler 3 days ago 2677 Views No comments

Shadow of Truth returns to the airwaves with the latest updates on Amazon purchasing Whole Foods and how this will affect Amazon stocks.

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Gold Confiscation in the U.S. - Rory Hall

By Rory Hall 7 days ago 5608 Views No comments

GATA reported yesterday, and we picked up the story, about a golden rooster being confiscated by the Treasury in 1960. The rooster weighed in at a hefty 14 pounds of solid gold – that’s a lot of gold. The rooster is gone forever into the clutches of IRS thugs and is probably on display in one of the fed heads' trophy cases.

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How Your Wealth is Stolen EVERYDAY - Rory Hall

By Rory Hall 11 days ago 5980 Views No comments

It is your wealth, it is your retirement that is in jeopardy and being siphoned off – Every. Single. Day.

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The SCO Strengthens: Less is More - Rory Hall

By Rory Hall 12 days ago 4874 Views No comments

There was another meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) that has been overlooked by almost everyone – presstitute media and independent researchers/Journalist.

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Silver: A Real Breakout Is Coming - Lior Gantz

By Lior Gantz 19 days ago 1400 Views No comments

Silver bull Lior Gantz, editor of Wealth Research Group, discusses why he places silver at the top of his natural resource rankings.

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CryptoGold and Thieving Banksters - Rory Hall

By Rory Hall 25 days ago 4022 Views No comments

In order for the central bank Ponzi scheme of fiat currency to work, especially on a global basis, the central banks learned early on that gold was the enemy of their scheme and, therefore, must be eliminated from the monetary system.

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Bill Murphy: Silver – The Only Commodity 66% Cheaper Than 37 Years Ago!! - Rory Hall

By Rory Hall 1 month ago 3973 Views 1 comment

Can you name any product, service or any item of any type that is 66% cheaper than it was in 1980? Of course not. There is one item on the planet that is cheaper today than it was in 1980 – silver. Why is that? How can that be?

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Is China Intentionally Making It Harder To Manipulate Gold? - Rory Hall/Dave Kranzler

By Rory Hall/Dave Kranzler 1 month ago 6234 Views 1 comment

A new gold futures contract is being introduced by the Hong Kong Futures Exchange (two contracts actually). The two contracts will be physically settled $US and CNH (offshore renminbi) gold futures contracts. The key to this contract is that it requires physical settlement of the underlying gold, which is a 1 kilo gold bar.

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Silver Demand Shows A Consumer In Trouble - Rory Hall/Dave Kranzler

By Rory Hall/Dave Kranzler 1 month ago 5326 Views No comments

In today’s episode of the Shadow of Truth, we review the silver demand numbers and discuss the implications for U.S. and global economy.

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James Turk: Gold, Silver and the Coming Economic Crisis - Rory Hall

By Rory Hall 2 months ago 6985 Views No comments

I sat down with James Turk to find out what exactly is going on with silver, gold and our current state of monetary change.

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