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Posts tagged 'Royal Canadian Mint'

Ask the Expert - Lorne Whitmore - January 2019

By Craig Hemke 1 years ago 11217 Views No comments

Lorne Whitmore, acting Vice President of Sales for Royal Canadian Mint answers questions regarding how RCM combats counterfeiting and why responsible sourcing is important.

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Numismatics 101: The Art of Rare Coin Collecting – Larisa Sprott

By Larisa Sprott 4 years ago 16111 Views

I was not a numismatist before Sprott Money Ltd. started working with the Royal Canadian Mint. In January of 2016, our friends at the RCM offered us the chance to join their Numismatics program and gain access to the dozens of uniquely designed silver and gold coins. Ever since, we have found a growing interest from our current clients and newcomers to our site as we promote the new coins of the month.

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Royal Canadian Mint Smashes All Records, Strongest Sales Ever of Silver Maples - Nathan McDonald

By Nathan McDonald 4 years ago 100761 Views 6 comments

It seems like every other week I write an article that states "a new record has been broken". It is truly a sign of the times and an indication of the events that are unfolding all around us in this upside-down world we now find ourselves in.

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