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Posts tagged 'Silver Demand'

CPM Group’s Jeff Christian Responds “NEGATIVELY” To The SRSrocco Report On Silver Investment Demand - Steve St. Angelo (11/12/2017)

By Steve St. Angelo 10 months ago 6247 Views No comments

The debate continues between the SRSrocco Report and CPM Group’s Jeff Christian on the fundamentals of the silver market.

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Eric Sprott Talks Global Demand for Metals, Impact in 2018 (Weekly Wrap-Up, December 1, 2017)

By Craig Hemke 11 months ago 11279 Views No comments

With metals up and down, it can be easy to think that the market won't rise. However, Eric Sprott talks gold and silver, the COMEX, and the potential for a rally in 2018.

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Physical Silver Investment Demand Great Deal Higher Than Official Estimates - Steve St. Angelo

By Steve St. Angelo 3 years ago 3074 Views No comments

Even though 2015 is estimated to be a record year for Official Silver Coin sales, total sales in this market is likely to be much higher. Why? It has to do with a portion of physical silver investment demand that is not included in the official data.

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The East Saves in Precious Metals, The West Saves in Fiat

By admin 4 years ago 1071 Views 5 comments

Throughout history, citizens have worked and been rewarded for their labor in gold and silver. This form of savings carried on from generation to generation, as it was real and could not be diluted into infinity, such as the current system we now suffer under. The fiat money system.

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Silver Drops Nearly 3% On "Lackluster" Chinese Demand

By admin 4 years ago 931 Views No comments

Silver suffered a significant price drop yesterday. It went down almost 3% at one point during the trading session and broke its 50 day and 100 day moving averages.

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Why Silver Will be the Greatest Investment of the Decade

By admin 4 years ago 1030 Views No comments

Silver is typically thought of as a secondary metal to gold. But is it? When talking about a form of money, then yes it is. It is the little sister to gold. Gold is the money of kings and silver is the money of the man on the street.

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Demand for Silver Intensifies, Canadian Mint Reports 24.2% Increase YOY

By admin 4 years ago 968 Views 1 comment

Recent Indian Elections Usher in Potential for Unprecedented Silver Demand

By admin 4 years ago 956 Views 1 comment

The biggest electoral win in three decades took place in India on May 16th. The Bharatiya Janata Party, led by Narendra Modi swept into power, crushing the opposition.

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Ask the Expert – Jim Willie (May 2014)

By Geoffrey Rutherford 4 years ago 5411 Views

Royal Canadian Mint Reports Highest Sales Ever

By admin 5 years ago 919 Views 2 comments

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